2 computers blind spot mirrors, 2″ round ultra-thin frameless hd glass convex aspect rear view reflect with huge perspective adjustable stick for motors suv and trucks, percent of two

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  • ✓ drive more secure: convex attitude designed to maximize view of blind spot when passing and changing lanes on any street. Help to keep away from potential twist of fate or collision, developing a secure driving environment perfect for any automobile, van, suv, and trucks.
  • ✓ 360° rotation: choose from fixed or adjustable perspective with 360 diploma rotation and 30 degree adjustable sway. You can alter the angle to maximize visibility as you decide upon.
  • ✓ hd actual glass lens: 2″ round hd actual glass curved frameless extremely-thin slender design, geared up with 3m adhesive for stress-touchy tape set up. ip67 water-resistant, rust resistant and the glass will not haze, suitable for indoors or outdoors use.
  • ✓ easy to install: please clean your unique car facet replicate, then stick the blind spot mirrors to the mounting bracket and installation them on facet rear view mirrors.
  • ✓ what you get: 2 x blind spot mirrors; 2 x rotating brackets; 2 x spare 3m adhesive; 1 x rubber scraper. We provide life-time assurance. Please feel loose to contact us via the amazon messaging machine. We’re going to offer go back/refund/exchanges.
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8 reviews for 2 computers blind spot mirrors, 2″ round ultra-thin frameless hd glass convex aspect rear view reflect with huge perspective adjustable stick for motors suv and trucks, percent of two

  1. Samual

    As probably mentioned before experiment or make sure your comfortable with the location where you will attach the blind spot mirror. Once attached will be difficult to remove.I removed my old blind spot mirror my using piece of floss placed behind mirror and gently working it down until mirror comes off. Then removed adhesive residue with WD 40. Finally clean area .Read more

  2. B. E. Wray

    I like this design because it lets you adjust the angle of the mirror in any direction. You simply push on any part to move it inward in its case. There is no exposed “pivot”. It has a low profile, and doesn’t change position on its own. I have never had a problem with this type of peel and stick adhesive – just clean the glass surface before mounting it. The magnification is just right – not so high that a car a few lengths behind you is too small, and not so low that it won’t give you a good width of field.Read more

  3. Jordan

    Very easy to install, thankfully, because very little is written in English within the entire contents of the box. May have to find my sweet spot for the right side, but as is, have almost zero blindspots! Within the box is a wet whipe and a dry whipe, with a scraper tool (I assume) for getting muck off the mirrors. However my wet whipe was exactly the same as the other whipe, dry. I used alcohol to moisten it up. So far I am enjoying my purchase, and I feel like I’m really a safe driver nowRead more

  4. Peril

    You cant see anything that’s more than a foot away. Up close its great back put it out arms length, its blurry and out of focus. There is no way you will what’s in your blind spot.Read more

  5. Elizabeth S.

    I was looking for some blind spot mirrors that had a chrome frame instead of the standard black frames. Other ones I had looked at, the reviews would talk about other mirrors falling off because of poor adhesion. Not these! Once you even lightly stick them on your mirrors, they are stuck. They seem to be great quality. I may still need to figure out the right angles to adjust them at, but these are a great value.Read more

  6. Samantha

    My car absolutely needed blind spot mirrors because my car mirrors were a bit small. I love the fact they you can adjust the mirror to your liking! I can now park my car in reverse better with these!Read more

  7. Carl J. Pankowski

    This took away my blind spots for the Yukon. Easy installation and they are surprisingly durable.Read more

  8. JayDubb

    These are nice quality and much better than the stationary ones.Read more

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