3m outstanding electricity molding tape, 03614, half of in x 15 toes

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  • ensure this fits by getting into your version variety.
  • permanent pro consequences: permanently attaches facet moldings, trim and emblems to the interior and exterior of automobiles.
  • weatherable: high electricity double-sided adhesive withstands climate and impact. Temperature use range is -40f to 250f.
  • clean to use: reduce, apply, press. It truly is it. No tools required. Avoid mess of liquid adhesives.
  • wonderful conformable: 3m vhb tape conforms to abnormal and textured surfaces
  • bond with out rivets/screws: plane-grade adhesive power permits for sturdy metallic to steel bonding with out rivets.
  • lower noise and vibration: dampens noise, surprise and vibration on your vehicle.
  • exceptional sizes for your venture: to be had in numerous widths and lengths and cuts without difficulty to length
  • multi use programs: use to bond automobile frame, trim, facet frame moldings, drip rail moldings or fender and wheel trim to feature instantaneous protection in opposition to door dings and different dangers
  • use on many surfaces: bonds to plastic, metal, carbon fiber and composite elements in your vehicle’s painted or unpainted surfaces
  • resists moisture, uv and solvents
  • reduce to length
  • no mess
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3m incredible electricity molding tape

3m superb energy molding tape is ideal for permanently attaching side moldings and trim in your cars, adding long-term protection and price. Use the identical elastic bonding era hired for airplanes and skyscrapers to connect frame moldings, trim and emblems to your automobile. This tape capabilities a very strong adhesive, and it’s additionally clean to apply – just pull of the lining and follow.

on the grounds that a 3m lab assistant invented covering tape inside the thirties, 3m has been developing products to help you get the maximum entertainment and cost out of your vehicles. 3m outstanding strength molding tape is a awesome example: right away add value and sturdiness for your car with moldings, logos and other components, without gear or mess. This excessive-energy tape is an great example of what 3m does best.

  • completely attaches side moldings, trim and logos to car exteriors and interiors
  • excessive electricity double-sided adhesive withstands climate and effect
  • easy-to-use press-on tape removes tools and mess
  • an first rate opportunity to rivets
  • available in several widths and lengths and cuts without difficulty to size
  • add long time fee to your vehicles, quickly and without difficulty
  • permanent bond for moldings, trim and logos

    designed specifically for car care and maintenance, 3m high-quality power molding tape permanently attaches plastic, steel, carbon fiber and composite elements on your automobile’s painted or unpainted surfaces. You could set up facet body moldings, drip rail moldings or fender and wheel trim to feature instantaneous safety in opposition to door dings and other risks. Use this high-strength double-sided tape to feature value for your automobile with the aid of quickly putting in or restoring decorative interior and outside trim or factory emblems. The tape adhesive bonds instantly and holds as much as effect, moisture and solvents used in habitual preservation.

    from its handy roll, 3m first rate strength molding tape is without difficulty measured and cut to length to your particular task. It’s far available in several lengths and widths and can be implemented quickly and easily without tools or the mess, mixing and problem of liquid adhesives. In reality peel off the liners to show the adhesive, and press firmly.

    product description

    3m first-rate power molding tape is right for completely attaching side moldings and trim on your automobiles, including long-time period safety and cost. Use the identical elastic bonding technology hired for airplanes and skyscrapers to attach body moldings, trim and logos to your car. This tape functions a really strong adhesive, and it’s also smooth to use – simply pull of the lining and follow.


    1/2 in. x 5 ft., 1/2 in. x 15 ft., 7/8 in. x 5 ft., 7/8 in. x 15 ft.

    8 reviews for 3m outstanding electricity molding tape, 03614, half of in x 15 toes

    1. rkruz

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I got this tape 3M Super Strength double side tape due its suggested holding strength. I had previously attached adhesive backed cable tie mounts to my Jeep dash to hold some wiring in place. Those pads failed to hold in short order so I purchased this 3M tape due to its purported “SUPER STRENGTH!”. After cleaning the dash surfaces with alcohol and appling the Super Strength 3M tape, the 3M had less hold then the tape of the cable mounts. In fact they would not hold at all with no weight to speak of. The video attached shows how little stick the tape has on a freshly alcohol cleaned and dry dash surface. Read more

    2. Good&Bad

      Purchased this tape as a last resort to hold our ‘Rear View Camera’ onto our rear interior light lens (Hyundai Santa Fe). We live in Las Vegas where extreme heat (120′-130′) inside the car when parked outside can melt the best of any sticky tape, I know because I have tried most of them. Their tape would stick for about a week or so and then give up and our camera would drop and then sway like a pendulum when driving, pretty much eliminated the purpose of having a rear view camera when that happens. Then I came across this 3M tape & decided had nothing to lose, so ordered this tape and another type of 3M tape. I put this on first, just a small amount. So far after scorching, burning, skin peeling, eyebrow scorching heat inside our car, this tape seems to be enjoying it and is working great…and it has been for nearly 2-months. Buy it if you have a tough, sticky project, just make sure you help it by doing minor prep work ahead of applying the tape. I sanded our plastic lense lightly as recommended and then cleaned with wet rag, waited for it to dry and then applied the tape onto our camera mount, then peeled off the other side and applied….No more falling camera! Now we can see where we’ve been and who’s behind our Hyundai much too close for comfort! UPDATE: Aug 6, 2020 It has been a year since I applied this 3M tape to hold our rear view car camera. With soaring interior heat inside the car when parked & AC off (we live in Las Vegas) this tape is still holding strong. Awesome tape! Read more

    3. DavidP

      This stuff is right up there with sliced bread. I bought a lip spoiler for my car that required 6 holes to be drilled in my trunk lid. Instead I used two full-length runs of this stuff and it feels like it was bolted in place by Superman . 4 seasons later it hasn’t budged. 100° July heat or a February ice storm is no match for this tape. If I had to find a con with this item I would say the red backing is next to impossible to remove without cursing and once it touches something you better hope it’s in the right place cuz it ain’t moving. Read more

    4. Dan Inms

      My Cavalier’s car molding has been peeling from the car for a couple of years. The rear doors started first, and when they got about half off, I removed them by hand. When the front door’s molding started peeling, I found this product. The molding had about a 60° bend in them. Half was still attached to the car, but half was flapping in the breeze. The sun had helped shape the molding, not straight. I was concerned about the adhesiveness of this product being able to straighten the molding. After cutting this molding tape to approximately what was hanging off the car, it was a little tricky to get the old caulk removed and this tape installed. But after doing the best I could, I pushed the molding against the car door firmly. I remembered what 3-M said about their adhesive coat-hooks (press firmly for 60+ seconds), so I took that and did the same for the molding. I pressed it for three minutes, and cautiously released my pressure. Well, three weeks later, and both front door moldings are still adhering in place. Multiple rain storms, and freezing temperatures too. So far, so good. I will update if the molding begins to release. Read more

    5. Pete Vaughn

      Do you remember the saying,”Measure twice, cut once”? That definitely applies to this tape. Make sure that you know EXACTLY where you want it. Once it is down it is not coming back up without a lot of cussing. Read more

    6. Mike B.

      Side molding on my 2011 Silverado was coming off. It isn’t anymore! Getting the old stuff off was a bit of a PITA, but plastic scrapers, GooGone Automotive, some rubbing alcohol, and about 30 minutes did it. Putting it back on with this tape only took a few minutes after the site was clean. Mark the location with some blue painter’s tape along the top of the molding before you remove it so you know where to put it back. Read more

    7. Lt. Frank Bullitt

      3M products are normally the best in the business and I always use a 3M product when available. This is one of the few cases it let me down. I attempted to use this to mount a carbon fiber spoiler, but the tape would not stick well to the raw side of the carbon fiber. I thought the adhesive would be flexible enough to work between the fiber ridges, but it did not and would pull off rather easily. Yes, I could have sanded the underside completely smooth, but that’s a considerable amount of prep work. I specifically chose this tape over a paste adhesive because I wanted to avoid a lot of prep work. In the end, a paste adhesive would have required less work than the tape. For other applications this is probably great, but perhaps not for fiberglass or carbon fiber parts. Read more

    8. CRACK

      I used this mounting tape to install a roof spoiler on my 2014 Passat. It went on very easy, and in conjunction with the 3M adhesion promoter it is holding up very well. As with any mounting tape, you need to ensure alignment prior to exposing all the adhesive tape. The small tabs I had exposed in order to align the spoiler prior to pulling the backing were very difficult to re-align. That fact is not a negative, as it showed me just how well this tape would hold. Once I had it aligned and all the backing removed I allowed it to sit in the driveway for 24hrs. The spoiler is rock solid and has yet to move. In comparison to the factory mounted trunk lid spoiler, this stuff is far more sturdy. The factory spoiler was starting to loosen up after the 200 mile drive from my dealer to the house. I will post an update as time goes by, to show if it lasts. Read more

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