Alpha racing 10pcs/set diffuser shark fin kit well suited with spoiler roof wing air vortex generator carbon fiber pattern

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  • make sure this suits via getting into your model quantity.
  • ★[ car decoration ]—— stylish evo style, clean and shinny floor deliver your car competitive look and makes it stand out
  • ★[ strong adhesive ]—— robust self adhesive to the car, sturdy and not easy to fall off, stayed adhered thru harsh condition.
  • ★[ drag reduction ]—— reduce air resistance and air noise, enhance the steadiness of the automobile all through speedy riding.
  • ★[ universal ]—— popular match for most vehicles, no want for change or trimming.
  • ★[ easy to install ]—— use of backside adhesive without delay stick ,need proper measurement to get them perfectly aligned
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capabilities: [ car decoration ]—— elegant evo style, makes your automobile stand out, additionally can be painted to match your car shade [ drag reduction ]——reduce air resistance and air noise, improve the steadiness of the car for the duration of rapid riding [ strong adhesive ]—— sturdy self adhesive to the car, robust and now not smooth to fall off, stayed adhered via harsh condition. Description: material: flexible pp plastic colour:carbon fiber fitment: typical match for maximum cars bundle encompass: 10 computers shark fin wings note: no education or any tape covered. Installation recommendations: 1. Wipe and clean the roof of your car earlier than installation couldmake it extra strong. 2. Make certain you do proper measurements to get them perfectly aligned


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8 reviews for Alpha racing 10pcs/set diffuser shark fin kit well suited with spoiler roof wing air vortex generator carbon fiber pattern

  1. S. Lin

    I have a Prius and for sure it is not the most agile car on the road. One main issue I have been fighting was that the car seem to bounce around quite a bit each time I get close to a large truck on the highway, right behind or in the next lane. It’s not to the point that I’d lose control, but it’s quite annoying. Being a long time Formula 1 fan, I figure this is likely the air turbulence and I could do something to break up the airflow and thought I’d give the the shark fin a try. So I put 4 pieces above the rear window. I was wishful but never actually expected it to make any noticeable difference but figure it couldn’t hurt. What do I know! The bouncing has almost completely disappeared. I am no aerodynamicist, but I guess I did stay at Holiday Inn at some point.. Read more

  2. Luis P.

    I was excited to put these on my car when i saw a few videos on them on youtube. I was happy when my package came but i was very disappointed when i opened up the box and started looking at them and they did not match the picture as advertised (the picture did match the spikes in the videos) – i ordered the carbon fibre ones and one look at them i got pretty bummed out seeing that they dont even match the weave on the picture, maybe just bad luck? But I am still going to return these Read more

  3. Sherry Shimko

    I bought these for my 2007 Tuscani (Hyundai) Tiburon. Its a bit of a long process to install them if you do it “right”. I installed the Vortex generators on the top of my hatchback trunk. I used a roll of tailor tape to line everything up and a roll of masking tape to make the marks. (A sharpie was also used.) I used the tape to find the measurement across and divided that measurement (about 125 cm) by 11 (11 spaces 10 lines to center the parts on) and found out that each part, at the center, would be 113 mm apart so I marked the lines with a strip of blue tape and used a sharpie to finalize the mark. Finally, I stuck the white side of the adhesive patch to the back of each part and the green and more adhesive side to the car. They stick firm I have been through a car wash and they all are still on strong. Overall, I love these and I am pleased with the outcome. Read more

  4. Clarissa Pedraza

    Picture is correct as far as sticking the adhesive. They look good. Will have this till I can afford the $100 real ones. Been on for a week. Car wash done. They are still looking good. Read more

  5. JoseaG

    High Gloss, cheap plastic. I didn’t end up using since they stand to high from the roof surface. Fins are very flat and can’t be contoured to the natural curvature of the roof adding to the front and rear edges to be pealing already. Adhesive used on these is to tall and leaves a 2 mm difference between surface and fin body giving it a cheap look. Pictures show measurements for what I received since there are reviews showing different specs. I think these are great if the surface you’re using is completely flat and won’t have people looking at them to closely. Read more

  6. Adrian

    I liked them a lot they look really nice on my car I hope they won’t fall off Read more

  7. Nathan

    Put these on my car and they just looked really ghetto, ricey looking, i kept 2 on to protect my antenna from side damage but the whole set is kind of a waste, if you are gonna put splitters on your car, dont cheap out on these Read more

  8. James M.

    When these first came I thought they were kinda cheap looking. But after I installed them I realized they need to be super light to stay on the car. The adhesive is great but its difficult to remove the plastic covers from the adhesive surface. Definitely use a ruler when installing!! Like a 2 ft ruler you would use in elementary school. Thats the only way to install them straight. Read more

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