Ampper blind spot mirror, 2″ spherical hd glass convex rear view reflect, p. C. Of 2

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  • ensure this suits
  • via coming into your model variety.
  • word: pls easy your authentic automobile facet mirror with alcohol or some other cleansing merchandise, press down a bit hard whilst attach the blind spot replicate to aspect reflect, that is very important to save you fall off from side mirror.
  • 2 piece packaged, newest upgrade 360 degree rotate + sway adjustabe, maximize your view with wide attitude in vehicle. All convex spot mirrors are geared up with tiny adjustable swivel mounting bracket for clean installation.
  • 2″ hd glass curved male face frameless ultrathin slim design, equip with 3m adhesive for strain-touchy tape installation. Ip65 water-proof, rust resistant and the glass will no longer haze. Appropriate for indoors or outside use.
  • flexible convex form of blind spot mirror lets you forecast the subsequent surroundings whilst passing or converting lanes.
  • set up and take a look at inside seconds, all generic cars automobile match accessory, must have for every truck, vehicle, suv, rvs and vans. Pls notice: this object do no longer healthy for bike.
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from the producer

with & with out blind spot replicate

latest layout for vehicles

  • fits for truck, vehicle, suv, rv and van.
  • now not match for motorcycle.
  • ampper blind spot replicate – spherical

    most up-to-date improve 360 degree rotate + sway adjustabe, maximize your view with wide perspective in vehicle. Lets you forecast the subsequent environment while passing, converting lanes or parking.

  • hd real glass convex huge angle reflect
  • 2″ ultrathin narrow design
  • install and take a look at within seconds
  • must have for truck, vehicle, suv, rvs and trucks
  • capabilities

    the reflect may be switched and rotated by way of swivel pivot.

    fabricated from durable hd glass, water-proof absolutely.

    frameless slim, unlike antique blind spot mirrors, like a unique mirror after hooked up.


    1, this replicate is assist for check the blind spot, pls do not depend upon it, the car side mirror is the primary display.

    2, pls press down tough for this blind spot replicate to the black pivot base and facet mirror for the duration of set up, then it will now not fall off.

    three, pls make certain the blind spot mirror do no longer exceed the brink of your automobile aspect replicate. This item do not in shape for bike.

    four, pls fold the car mirror when you wash the automobile. Car wash isn’t always encouraged inside 24 hours after you installation the blind replicate.

    five, the mirror is two inch, pls confirm the measurement earlier than region the order, 2″ perhaps a little small for huge automobile side replicate.

    7, if the mirror fell off or broken, we will resend you the brand new one after we checked the troubles.

    how & where to put in / how to dispose of (pls take a look at it on our youtube channel)

    a way to installation: 1, clean the surface of both outdoors side mirrors with alcohol; 2, press down tough for the blind spot mirror to the black pivot base; 3, locate the position, cast off the sticky cowl of swivel base, and stick to vehicle aspect reflect with stress for more than 20 seconds.

    wherein to put in: you can essentially vicinity it everywhere, advise upper out of doors of each side mirrors.

    a way to get rid of it (be cautiously when dispose of it): 1, use unmarried aspect razor to take away it and it will now not scratch the glass on the mirror, and hair drier should help to put off it. 2, if there is any adhesive left after removal, nail polish remover or alcohol can dispose of the remaining adhesive.

    product description

    blessings: 1. Avoid the blade spots. 2. Virtually whilst you backing your car. Package deal: 2 x blind spots reflect and support. 3m stick-on for every replicate.


    Pack of 2, Pack of 4


    Fan, Oval, Rectangular, Round

    8 reviews for Ampper blind spot mirror, 2″ spherical hd glass convex rear view reflect, p. C. Of 2

    1. m.

      The size is nice, at 2″, adequate for the average passenger vehicle. I drive an SUV and while I have great visibility out my windows, I wanted the extra perk of having blind spot mirrors. I don’t get very much use out of them while driving around. They’re great parking mirrors for backing into tight spots or reversing around obstacles.The mirrors indeed look and feel like glass. They are virtually rimless for a clean look. I attached them in a fixed position (no swivel base.) I do not recommend the swivel base due to the bulky look of it, as well as the many negative reviews here from people who installed the swivel base and didn’t like it.For installation, I took a few steps to make sure they were 100% secure. I cleaned my vehicle’s mirrors with alcohol. I also wiped and dried them with a coffee filter (=no fibers or streaks left behind.) Then I attached the mirrors. The installation couldn’t have been done any cleaner, thus if the mirrors fall it will prove the adhesive to be inadequate.If I ever want to remove the mirrors I plan to use a razor blade to scrape off what I can, followed up with some Goo-Gone or WD-40, both of which should help dissolve the adhesive and completely clean the glass.*One month update.* The mirrors have not come loose. They survived a touch-free car wash and tons of rain. I applied Rain-X spray to them to keep raindrops from sticking. They’re good parking mirrors and don’t block my normal view at all, so I see no reason not to have them on my vehicle.Read more

    2. Timothy

      This is one of the most worthy purchases I have ever made. It works perfectly as a “rearview mirror” while sitting at my desk at work not doing what I should be doing. If your boss or coworkers have a habit of ninja-ing behind you when you’re trying to shop on amazon, google bears doing cool shi*, or looking at houses etc. you should invest in this so you can be ready to pull up a spreadsheet and make it look like you are really dedicated to work.Read more

    3. LiterOfPeter

      I purchased this one because there is no bezel that takes up space when the rear view mirror is already so small and you’ll need whatever space you can get. The angle is also adjustable. Of all the ones I’ve purchased, this seemed to fit and look the best.Read more

    4. andrew

      I looked at most of the blind spot mirrors on Amazon and settled on this one. I really like that the mirror is low profile and doesn’t have a border around it. It is good quality with no flaws.Once installed it looks like it was meant to be there and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. It is also tilt-able in all directions which was absolutely a requirement. If it is not adjustable then most of your view will be of the side of your car. You do have the option to install it without the tilting stand if you wanted to.It uses 3M brand adhesive pads which stands up really well to rain and car washes, and it is also a very fair price for a pack of two.I will say be careful when you are sticking it on as the adhesive will not allow you to re position it. I recommend taping it in the spot you want and driving around the block to make sure it’s where you like it. Any corner of the mirror works and it’s usually just preference.I recommend this product over the others and i’m very satisfied by it.Read more

    5. Merrin

      I actually got this mirror to affix to my monitor at work since I hate not knowing what’s going on behind me. It’s a good size for the corner of my monitor and the wide angle gives me a perfect view of what’s going on behind me in all directions. Maybe not it’s intended use but it’s good for what I need it for.Read more

    6. RAY

      The angle on the glass is too great and objects that are only a few feet away are difficult to make out . The passenger side application is even worse, since this mirror sits roughly a half inch off the surface of your mirror, objects are microscopic and takes my eyes off the road too long to try and figure out what is in the tiny mirror.. It is difficult to angle it just right . And if you’re like me, I wash my car often and the mirror moves making it a hassle to have to angle it just right again. Im sorry I don’t have the patients to fool with this item.Read more

    7. Jason Z. Smith

      Just got a Toyota Corolla for my wife who is still on her learner’s permit, because the blind spot was really posing a challenge. She has a bad tendency to drift when trying to turn around and look at her blind spot, not to mention taking her eyes off what’s going on in front of her, and I personally have difficulties getting my stiff neck to turn at that angle, so these simple items help tremendously! They were very easy to put on, with two different mounting methods to choose from. You can either stick the little mirror directly to your side view mirrors, or you can use the ball swivel mount so you can move it to a more extreme angle if you like! Why these type of mirrors aren’t standard equipment on all new vehicles is puzzling to me, but they really do help deal with the notorious blind spot!Read more

    8. Andrea Allen

      These blind spot mirrors are super helpful with parallel parking, blindspots and seeing if you are in between the lines of the space you parked in. Love themRead more

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