Astroai 27” snow brush and detachable ice scraper with ergonomic foam grip for cars, trucks, suvs (heavy duty abs, p. C brush)

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  • by way of entering your model range.
  • constructed to remaining: you’ll most effective need one, the high-electricity abs shaft, laptop bristles, and eva cotton take care of were engineered to face up to heavy snowstorms and temperatures as low as -forty°f. Presents for women guys dad mom.
  • push and scrape: brush off snow and scrape under the ice without adverse your windshield! Cut up ice with incorporated knuckles and without difficulty scrape it away. It may speedy assist you sweep off free snow from car windshield, roof, door, hood, and aspect mirrors.
  • divide and triumph over: quickly separate the comb and scraper for easier coping with or dividing up paintings; stores easily both while connected and indifferent
  • ergonomic layout: lengthy winters are hard. The soft-to-touch, ergonomic cope with is harder. It gained’t crack and could offer you comfort all wintry weather
  • dimensions: 27” lengthy provide you with brought attain for vehicles, 7” brush head moves fast across windscreens, four. 5” ice scraper gets deep down underneath with out scratching; 1 12 months guarantee supplied by astroai
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“for all of lifestyles’s adventures” is extra than a slogan for us; it’s a lifestyle and middle philosophy. Astroai supports the adventurer inside and we inspire our customers to take dangers and push the envelope.

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astroai snow brush and ice scraper

the astroai snow brush and ice scraper won’t depart you stranded with snow piling up on your car. Each feature of this brush was designed to beat the elements and always be a device you could depend upon. This snow brush and ice scraper combo will remaining through the harshest, longest winters.

  • layered bristles
  • patented joint buckle layout
  • anti-scratch
  • comfortably store
  • detachable ergonomic layout
  • push and scrape
  • divide and conquer
  • snow brush

    the bristles of the astroai snow brush are made of layers of pc, made to be long lasting, but with out destructive your car. The bottom of the comb hairs are strong and temperature-resistant, in order that they received’t grow to be brittle or ruin below load. The recommendations of the hairs are gentle and gained’t scratch your automobile’s paint while brushing away snow.

    ice scraper

    speedy do away with even the thickest ice from car windshields. Frozen windshields are almost impossible to defrost, however the usage of the included ice scraper on this snowbrush will make defrosting clean. The knuckles on the again of the ice scraper can split thick slabs of ice with no trouble.

    4 rows of brush bristles are robust at the bottom and smooth on the ends, offering a strong base with out unfavorable automobile body panels

    the comb and scraper may be detached and feature independently. The joint buckle is product of high-strength plastics

    the knuckles on the lower back of the scraper will split huge chunks of ice, making scraping your windshield even less complicated.

    the ice scraper is made of temperature-resistant excessive-energy abs plastic, formed to make scraping windshields easier than ever


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    7 reviews for Astroai 27” snow brush and detachable ice scraper with ergonomic foam grip for cars, trucks, suvs (heavy duty abs, p. C brush)

    1. Ben Duitsman

      In short: would def recommend this for the ice scraping capabilities.Unabridged: I live in Texas. Nobody thought it would get cold enough to use this product. That is what they all said. One day after faithfully toting this product in my car for several months,my moment arrived: Myself and a cohort of night shift mechanics arrive to the parking lot only to find a severe layer of ice covering every inch of glass on our vehicles. The sound of groaning and credit cards ineffectively slamming against ice quickly filled the brisk morning air. But I would not take part in these strange rituals, I would not! I calmly walked to the back of my vehicle and whipped out the handy AstroAl 27” Snowbrush. In less than a jiffy I was sitting in my vehicle setting up a Spotify playlist while being watched by my fellow mechanics through the eerily clean windows. I offered the use of the AstroAl to each of my coworkers, only to be met with denial for reasons I still cannot explain. As humble as I am, I could not keep a smile from gracing my face as I drove past my helpless friends towards the exit gates. 10/10 would recommend the experience.Read more

    2. Maria

      I just got a chance to use this after getting 2.5 feet of snow in Boulder, CO. It’s fantastic! The brush easily swept away the snow, and the scraper made easy work of any ice. I was shocked by how quickly it worked! I had no issue with the brush bristles being “too rough” (yes, don’t use this on your face. Do use it on car metal, it didn’t seem to rough for the paint), or with the scraper breaking or scratching anything (it slid through the ice shockingly well, and didn’t scratch the glass).Edit: have gotten a few changes to use this since buying and it’s really great! We got some freezing rain the other day, the type that coats your car and sticks the wipers to the window. I groaned when I got to my car and saw it, figuring I would be late to work. The scraper went through the ice like butter! It was amazing enough that I felt compelled to come on here and update my review. I think this is a fantastic purchase, and will be getting more to keep as backups!Read more

    3. Jose Leon

      The scraper arrived on time and as advertised. I love the bag and the fact that it comes a part. This makes it convenient if all I need is a scraper or brush. The only potential issue I see is for those southpaws, left handed users based on the way it snaps together. The if you are left handed the scraper is poisioned inwards and could rub against my arm or coat when its assembled and using the brush. Now you can always use the brush alone but that might not be practical for you. This is not a factor for me and I like how sturdy its constructed and the brush brisles are generous (4 rows) and strong so they look like they will last. Lastly the prices was great. over all I would strongly recommend simply take care if you are left handed user.Read more

    4. Paul Marshall

      The long brush was the main reason I bought this and the fact that it easily breaks down and goes into a bag for storage. For that it is easily worth it for getting the snow off my roof.However the ice scrapper functionality is dreadfully lacking. If you are not holding the ice scrapper right at the neck then it hardly scrapes ice. As pointed out it other reviews its also very scratchy and primarily makes noise instead of scrapping ice. Most cheap small hand held ice scrappers do a better job at scrapping ice than this.Having said that my main use case was getting snow off the roof of my truck and this does a fine job at that, and I have plenty of ice scrappers so I do not ding this product too harshly for that. Also the bag and the fact it breaks down more than makes up for that!Read more

    5. CopperDave

      This product deserves its high ratings. The blade of the scraper is sharp and strong, so it should be a while before it gets nicked by ice and does anything but a good job. The brush is sturdy, and the scraper can be used with the brush attached, for long reaches, but I find the grip more comfortable with them apart. The hand holds are comfortable and the little bag that comes with it is handy to keep both pieces together and to put away. I do leave them out of the bag for a while after use though, so wet items aren’t being put into the bag. I can comfortably recommend this item.Read more

    6. Ellie Penguinton

      This scraper is great. The long handle really allows a person to get snow off the roof (as is required in my State) as well as for giving leverage for scraping ice. It’s also sturdy for a plastic brush. It feels like it will last me for many winters to come.Read more

    7. Kindle Customer

      Update:The company was kind enough to send me a replacement device and refund my money. This new one scrapes significantly better than the first one that I was sent. The plastic blade is much smother and scrapes most of the frost with one sweep.Having had opportunity to use it now, I found a couple of other drawbacks to the design. When scraping two-handed, I place my left hand on grip (near the blade) and my right hand near the back. Unfortunately, the brush being on the right makes it difficult to grab it there. However even if that were not the case and the brush were on the left, the handle opening at the end is too small to be of any use; a person with average-sized hands wearing gloves cannot fit his hand through the opening. Still it is a good scraper and I will continue to use it.Original review:I thought it was a clever idea to allow the brush part and the scraper part to be separable. So I bought it to replace a scraper whose plastic blade edge was getting too rough to effectively clear frost. The separation part worked just fine. I liked it. However, the first time that I put blade to frosty window, I discovered that the blade was nearly as rough as the blade of the one I was replacing. All it did was to make scratches in the frost. I moved the blade into different positions or scraping, but it didn’t get better. It has now been relegated to the emergency replacement of cracked scraper pile and I look for a new replacement scraper.Read more

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