Atmomo 4 computers car automobile frame bumper protect protector decal anti-rub bar strip automobile bumper strips

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  • ensure this fits
  • by coming into your model number.
  • a hundred% new and easy set up, fabric in rubber
  • suits for: most styles of car with length 41cm x 2. 5cm / 16. 1″*zero. 98″
  • with double-sided adhesive tape, paste on vehicle frame extra stable
  • the auto crash bar can be affixed to the the front of the auto and after, can effectively save you the accident induced because of automobile damage
  • notice: maintain your vehicle tidy before pasting; avoid washing your automobile in forty eight hours after pasting if the temperature is under 0 degree,please warmth it earlier than pasting to make certain of its stickiness
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S1, S10 Black, S11 White, S12 Gray, S6, S7, S8, S9

8 reviews for Atmomo 4 computers car automobile frame bumper protect protector decal anti-rub bar strip automobile bumper strips

  1. Otis Strong

    Product is not all chrome, only the outer edge is chrome. I had to cut one of the arrow heads out for the look I wanted, which is not their problem. I knew in advance cutting the product to my liking would void the warranty. Installation was a breeze and since I keep my vehicle professional detailed monthly, before installing i had the wax removed using clay to the area i would install. After one 10 mile trip, I was disappointed to see one had come off. I did my part to try and prevent losing one, its not the tape to the car that failed, it was the side of the tape that holds the strip. Not happy and advise you not to purchase.Read more

  2. Federico

    I put the chrome trim on the front and rear bumpers and it looked great !!! Good 3M glue and give a touch of elegance. I have placed it in the front and rear bumpers. They were very good, because the 3M stuck excellent and the nickel-plated border combines with the vehicle, in addition to providing protection.Read more

  3. juwonsmom

    Yes these are cheap but they do what they are meant for. Will they stop damage in an accident….NO! Will they stop some idiot who likes parking way to close to people’s bumpers from scratching your paint…YES! I bought them for my ‘2014 Mercedes ML350 because someone with a Range Rover decided to park and connect their bumper to mine so my paint got scratched. Rather than spend $1500 to repaint it and then have it happen again anyway ( and I hate those ugly steel bumper guards) I decided to go the budget way. For the people saying it is impossible to peel the plastic off, I agree but here is what I did: I am clumsy and I know this so I asked my husband (who is an auto interior upholsterer and does precision work all day long) to attach them for me. First, he used a razor to make a small slice into the plastic that peels off and then used the edge of the razor to lift the plastic up making it easy to peel it off. He then used his heat gun (a blow dryer on the hot setting can work also) to heat up the adhesive for about 10 seconds before attaching the strips to the bumper. He said it makes the glue stickier…ha ha, makes sense. He then used the blow dryer on the cold setting to blow on them for another 10 seconds. Voila…they are on and look great. If they come off later because of going through the car wash multiple times, I will gladly buy more because they are cheap and they look great! You get what you pay for but they do the job.Read more

  4. Jerome Henry

    It looks great on my 2008Mazda 3itouring I love it. My only problem is make sure you put it where you want accurately and precisely because if you take it off you might mess it up and have to throw away I ended up throwing one away at the rear of the car bumper but I will be purchasing another pack.Read more

  5. Anne Imparato

    The picture shown on the black vehicle shows the bumper guard as totally reflective. No clue that the product has a white bad running down the center. Do a little better on you description. Unhappy customer.Read more

  6. S. JEREZ

    This item could be MUCH better if the “3D” tape would be easier to peal from the backing. It’s very hard to do so!!! Hence I deducted one star!! Once on it’s really good looking! Be aware that this item it’s almost white in the center !!! It work for my need!Read more

  7. Manuel Bran

    I bought this ones a couple of days ago. So far a good experience.Easy to install.Makes looking good my SUV.Good protection.I don’t know about durability yet because I just bought them.Read more

  8. Danh le

    this product is amazing ! it gives off a clean look and can transform any car, easy application. recommend for sure !Read more

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