Auto ventshade 194109 in-channel ventvisor aspect window deflector, 4-piece set for 2009-2018 keep away from 1500 team cab, 2010-2018 ram 2500 & 3500 w/crew & mega cab; 2019 ram 1500 classic group cab

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  • make certain this fits
  • by way of getting into your version number.
  • installs in window channel for a graceful, streamlined look; tinted, strengthened acrylic is uv and scratch-resistant and is vehicle wash secure
  • allows sparkling air to obviously circulate via open home windows at the same time as preserving the rain out
  • reduces warmth build up in parked motors via permitting window to be saved partially open. No painting required
  • installs in mins, no drilling or special hardware required; please word unique instructions for in-channel ventvisors on installation manual
  • proudly made inside the u. S. A. And backed through a restrained lifetime warranty
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auto ventshade in-channel ventvisors

avs in-channel ventvisor side window deflectors are designed to finish the look of your automobile adding subtle style even as keeping the capability you desire from a aspect window deflector. The ventvisor installs within the window channel for a streamlined appearance, but still lets in clean air to certainly circulate thru open home windows while preserving the rain and wind out.

product highlights

the in-channel ventvisor is aerodynamically designed to blend beautifully together with your car’s contours. There is no special hardware wanted and no drilling required. The in-channel’s patented layout without problems secures into the window channel or alongside the rubber seal with pre-carried out 3m car tape. Really no tape touches your automobile’s finish.

the ventvisor permits sparkling air to naturally flow into via open home windows even as keeping the rain out. Moreover, the product keeps the sun out of your eyes, allows sparkling air move to cast off stale, smoky air and allows you to maintain your window cracked even as parked, retaining the interior cooler.

  • installs in window channel for a swish, streamlined look
  • slides and snaps securely into region
  • patented design permits easy set up and assured functionality
  • custom made, precision-engineered to match each automobile
  • tinted, reinforced acrylic is uv and scratch-resistant
  • vehicle wash secure
  • available in 2-piece or four-piece
  • avs gives the maximum complete ventvisor car utility coverage for drivers of vans, suvs, cuvs, vehicles and passenger motors. All avs ventvisors are manufactured from a excessive-grade acrylic material, because of this they preserve their smoke colour and are simply the right thickness to be sturdy, yet flexible, for a really perfect fit.

    the avs in-channel ventvisor, or facet window deflector, is made in the u. S. A., precision-engineered for an exacting in shape. Avs in-channel ventvisors are designed to complete the look of your automobile including diffused fashion while maintaining the capability you desire from a side window deflector.

    approximately avs and lund global

    lund worldwide is an innovator and one of the enterprise leader with the maximum functional, high-overall performance, defensive and fashionable automotive aftermarket accessories manufacturers in the enterprise. The complete product services of lund worldwide fall underneath nine wonderful emblem names: amp studies, vehicle ventshade, belmor, bushwacker, lund, rampage, roll-n-lock, stampede and tonno pro. With roots courting lower back to 1935, vehicle ventshade (avs) is the innovator of the original ventvisor product. Today, avs is one of the market’s main automobile add-ons manufacturers offering useful and stylish products for vehicles, suv’s, cuv’s and passenger vehicles.


    Chrome 4pc, In-Channel 4pc, Low Profile 4pc Matte Black, Low Profile 4pc Smoke, Outside Mount 4pc

    5 reviews for Auto ventshade 194109 in-channel ventvisor aspect window deflector, 4-piece set for 2009-2018 keep away from 1500 team cab, 2010-2018 ram 2500 & 3500 w/crew & mega cab; 2019 ram 1500 classic group cab

    1. Landor

      They look good and fit perfectly in my 2016 Ram 1500 Crew Cab. When I first installed them yes, the auto sensors would not allow the window to close. After two days of sitting with the windows up they open and close no problem.Also the directions sorta sucked. You can not put the end closet to the mirrors in the windows channel. The tab is meant to go between the mirror plastic and windows plastic. See pictures.Read more

    2. AnotherAmazonJunkie

      Like other reviewers have noted, these are really nice with one caveat. The installation instructions tell you to pry back the plastic between the mirror and the door, and slip this between. While it’s entirely possible, and I did this when I check the fit, it leaves an open gap between the mirror and the door where rain and moisture will easily enter, and like cause future problem.To address this design flaw, as others suggested, I took my Dremel, and carved out the portion that was supposed to slip underneath the mirror instead. If you stand back and look, you’d never know that’s what I did, and even up close it looks pretty good. I then added a small bit of 3M tape to adhere it to the rubber window seal. This is sufficiently strong that I don’t expect any issues when going to an automatic car wash.It took a bit of patience to modify the fit, but if you’re careful with a rotary tool like the dremel, it’s very easy to get a nice clean look without compromising the seal between the mirror and door. I installed these myself in about 20 minutes on my 2017 Ram 1500, and am happy with them overall.Read more

    3. Chadima F.

      Fits great, with a small adjustment if you are handy and have a Dremel. I have to admit I saw this on another review so I give them credit for this. Here is what to do to make it a perfect fit without the chance of water leak around your mirrors.1. If you use their method, it leaves a gap where the mirror casement gets pulled out slightly to slip the vent shade under it. Since this is a NEW truck, that was not acceptable to me and I did NOT want to take the chance of water getting behind the mirror casement for future problems.2. Get the first front shade out, slip the front under the mirror casement, but NOT all the way. You’ll want some space left to put a little 3M tape to stick to the rubber under it. Tape the back end in place on the outside with regular painter’s tape where you want it. (for placement) I feel under the visor to see if the spacing is uniform, or close. See picture 13. Once in place where you want it, get an awl or something sharp that you can scribe the line you want to remove on the vent cover. See picture 14. Pull it off the truck, get a Dremel and carefully sand (or whatever you want to use) until you have the area sanded up to the line you scribed.5. Get some 3M tape like what they used, cut a small section for the area that you just trimmed. Cut it to fit and put it on. See picture.6. I like to put a piece of tape where the bottom of the vent shade will go on the back, so I know where it should be placed and I am not off when putting it on.7. Put the FRONT of the vent shade on first and carefully line up the back by eye. Press it on.8. BAM………done and no chance of water leak in the mirror casing.9. Since I am picky and have messed these up before, I now put tape lines across the front and back door, once the front is on. It helps keep thing in line when putting the back on. I line up both sides for the bottom and the front edge. It works great. See pictureGood luck. This worked great for me. I hope it does for you as well.Read more

    4. Nitrogen

      *Update 2020 still no issues still looks great* Update 2018 still zero issues!!!!I had the same issues most people say they have the auto window won’t go up. I had this issue with three windows. Come to find out I didn’t have it install right. I was blaming the parts but in the end it’s your own fault. Take a few seconds look at it. I had to take them out and move them just slightly and bam they worked no issues. I just put them on and now have the windows up for the 24 hour period. I’m sure once they stay up for that time they will even work better. These were so easy that they make you make the errors. I would say these work great and have no issues other than crappy installation. Great product. They will work on trailer mirrors for those wondering. I don’t have them but a friend has the same ones and a tow mirror. I would suggest taking your time and you’ll have a great experience. I think most people rush the job causing the issues they have. Would buy again if I had two trucks.Read more

    5. BrianT

      1. The front plastic tip that some people are cutting off does not go in the window channel. It goes outside of the door between the mirror and the door. Only the ridge with the double sided tape on it goes in the window channel.2. On the later model Rams, where the front window is hitting the back corner of the visor, causing the window to automatically go back down. Before you install these, take a file, or grinder, and make that square corner more of a wedge/angle, so the window isn’t hitting a flat edge, but more of a ramp, and the window will go up every time. I know, you shouldn’t have to do this, but it works. I’ve attached pictures of each side’s front visor, modified.Other than that back corner, on the front visors, these fit and work great.Read more

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