Blind spot mirrors specific layout car door mirrors replicate for blind side engineered via utopicar for large photograph and site visitors safety. Wonderful rear view! [frameless design] (2 %)

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  • make certain this suits by entering your version variety.
  • engineered to deliver a larger picture — our vehicle door mirrors have a completely unique engineered design to clear up your blind spot trouble and show a bigger image of what is sincerely wished through drivers. We understand you do not want to peer the sun for your mirrors like other mirrors will show.
  • no fail adhesive blind spot mirrors — we recognize the significance of the adhesive on your car mirrors hence we use simplest out of doors and water rated adhesive and excessive reflective silver film mirrors for our mirrors.
  • scared of changing lanes — we know that nerve-racking feeling while changing lanes or merging highways and now not knowing if there’s a vehicle proper subsequent to us. It’s far a horrible feeling for you and for the opposite driving force. It really is why our particular engineered design for higher visibility.
  • we stand for safety in driving — “look two times for motorcycles” is a texas dot protection marketing campaign. We promote it and we believe in supporting such campaigns.
  • frameless mirrors for aesthetics — our mirrors have been designed to appear like a automobile original component / oem part.

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product description

blind spot mirrors model: bsm017

we created this whilst we realized that each one the blind spot mirrors had been round and they wasted too much area and confirmed now not what a motive force had to see.

this is utopicar exclusive layout.

it’s miles frameless and it has a completely unique plastic base this is slanted in the direction of the driving force yet maintaining the reflect as near the automobile reflect for an aftermarket appearance.

oem blind spot mirrors

designed to appearance much like an unique component from the automobile manufacturer.

version: bsm017

bsm017 blind spot mirrors functions:

with the appropriate inclination for first-class driver’s view.

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our story

whilst alhain changed into 12 years old acquired a car calendar proposing a distinct automobile regular of the 12 months. That became an fantastic present which inspired him to examine and look at vehicle design. Ultimately developing the terrific electricity to design motors and vehicle add-ons.

via the cease of the year, he had decided his dream automobile become audi tt.

while he become 23 he finally were given his audi tt!

this pushed his creativity and enthusiasm for vehicle design. Soon after he commenced modifying his tt and that’s whilst he decided he would start utopicar.

utopicar become created with the vision: to create the nice vehicle add-ons so as to assist with a safer ride whilst improving the auto layout in a truly specific product.

in 2016 we joined forces with the txdot (texas branch of transportation) to spread the message of safe driving in texas and hopefully to the rest of the us of a “appearance two times for bikes”

utopicar llc is a own family owned u. S. Business enterprise primarily based in austin, tx.





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6 reviews for Blind spot mirrors specific layout car door mirrors replicate for blind side engineered via utopicar for large photograph and site visitors safety. Wonderful rear view! [frameless design] (2 %)

  1. G. Powers

    I purchased 4 different blind spot mirrors (including these Autopicar models) from Amazon to find one that worked best for me. I decided to return these after temporarily installing them on my car. Here’s why I didn’t keep them… #1: They aren’t adjustable. These mirrors attach with a thick 2-sided tape. They can’t be moved once they are stuck on…and you can’t change their angle independently of your main mirror. I currently have Amfor (rectangular) blind-spot mirrors installed on my car. The Amfor units come with a small, adjustable pedestal that holds each blind spot mirror slightly away from the surface of your existing mirror. This lets you adjust the angle of the mirror (up/down, side to side). At first I thought this was a gimmick. But it’s a nice feature to be able to position the blind spot mirrors independently from your primary mirrors. The other downside of not being adjustable is that you only get one shot at mounting them. If you don’t like the way you mounted it on your mirror, you can’t do much about it except pull/cut it off (which may destroy the mounting tape in the process). Unfortunately, the mirrors don’t ship with additional 2-sided tape…so you only get 1 shot at it. The blind spot mirrors I ended up choosing came with several spare pieces of 2-sided tape for this reason. #2: The shape of the mirror wasn’t what I expected. I thought they would more closely match the contours of the existing mirrors on my car. But when I positioned them, they really didn’t match as well as anticipated. So be aware that while these might be the general shape of the mirrors on your car, they may not match exactly if that’s what you’re hoping for. To be fair, their photo shows that it won’t match perfectly…and my expectations were probably too high. I just didn’t notice it. There’s no way they can make these to fit everything perfectly. I also couldn’t get used to the irregular shape of these mirrors and found them slightly more challenging to use. I prefer the symmetry of a rectangular blind spot mirror. This is a personal preference thing and may not be an issue for you. #3: The larger image in the comparison photo is exaggerated. The photo seems to imply that these mirrors will display things much larger than other blind spot mirrors. That may be the case for the tiny round mirror used in their comparison photo, but the Autopicar mirrors display the same size image as other blind spot mirrors I tested. When I looked at their comparison photo, I thought these mirrors had some unusual property that magnified images (they don’t). So that demo photo they show is a bit of a stretch unless you actually have those tiny round mirrors on your car. I do think these mirrors are good quality, and I can see why people prefer them. They just weren’t exactly what I was looking for. Read more

  2. D. Kerr

    The mirror glass is perfect. The foam attachment, not so much. The double-sided tape for attaching the blind spot mirror to the regular mirror is suspect. It doesn’t look as if it will last long. But my solution was to peel the foam off the mirrors and use a spot of outdoor silicone caulk to attach the blind spot mirror to the regular mirror. It results in a lower profile stick-on, and it will last until you peel it off. Use masking tape to support the mirror until the caulk dries. It will look just like the phone. Read more

  3. average joe buckaroo

    In searching for a blind spot mirror for my subaru outback, I came across some articles about how to adjust your side view mirrors to eliminate the blindspot. That was new info to me, took a week of getting used to, and almost eliminated my search for blind spot mirrors…but I like to see a bit of what is behind me in case my rear view mirror is blocked by stuff packed in the back. These mirrors didn’t match the shape of the upper corner of my side view mirror exactly and that concerned me when I was searching, but once applied it doesn’t look bad or awkward at all. I did not want the kind that adjust, so the non-adjustability of these is a non issue for me. Applying them to the upper outside corner gives me the vision I want without obscuring what I see from the primary side view mirrors. When the car is no longer in my blind spot mirror, it is literally right at my side and I can see it with just a glance or out of the corner of my eye without trying to strain my neck backwards. In the photo, the white car in the blind spot mirror is the same as the one partially in the regular mirror and behind the car you see out the window. The white car in the blind spot is completely out of view in the rear view mirror. The tail end of the red truck is barely in view in my rear view mirror, and the cars behind it are in view in the rear view mirror. Learn how to appropriately adjust your side view mirrors (google ‘properly adjust side view mirrors’ or ‘adjust mirrors to avoid blind spots’), then add these to give you the extra visual area you are seeking. I have never felt more confident in knowing where the cars are around me, and I never crank my neck anymore. As long as these stay attached (ok 3 weeks into it), I consider these a great purchase. Read more

  4. Bus Lamp

    Other reviewers have stated that the mirrors came with film on them. Mine came without with a letter on the back of each one for Left / Right placement. The back had a small round pad of foam rubber with another half layer to use as a wedge. It creates a little pocket of air between the pad and the original mirror that might affect how it adheres to the car mirror. After cleaning the mirrors with iso and drying I applied the mirrors and took it for a test drive. I found very little difference in what I was viewing between original & Utopicar. Back home I removed them “easily” and re-positioned them to make the wedge work better for me. Sorry, still didn’t do a lot for the view. Two stars because they are glass and look nice but took one away because I shouldn’t have been able to remove them so easily and another away because they didn’t help much so it rounds up to a 1 though I rate it at zero (0). Installed and removed on a 2013 Prius. Read more

  5. Gary

    At this point, I have to give these 5 stars. The Blind Spot vision is excellent. I had the small round 1.75 inch blind spot mirrors, and there is no comparison. I put the mirrors in the upper outside corners as directed, and they are perfect. There is simply no blind spot. My only concern, at this point, is whether they will hold up through repeated car washes. My little 1.75 round mirrors came off after a few washes. Utopicar contends they have made these with No Fail Adhesive. I hope they’re right. Read more

  6. K. Smith

    The mirrors themselves might be good. However, the mounting tape provided failed after 3 days!!! You might think that I did not clean the mirrors that I was attaching these onto but that was not the case. The tape that was provided is still stuck to my car mirrors just not these blind spot mirrors. Read more

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