Camco no insect bumper cap with saver – functions small holes to increase airflow and block insects, squeeze grip for smooth installation and elimination, suits general rv four” rectangular bumpers (40324)

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  • make sure this fits by means of coming into your model variety.
  • no-insect air flow
  • squeeze grip for smooth installation
  • keeps nesting insects out
  • long lasting polyethylene
  • includes clip-on saver
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camco no insect bumper cap with saver – (40324)

replace misplaced or broken rv bumper caps with camco’s no insect rv bumper caps presenting small vent holes and squeeze grip for easy set up and removal. Having several small vent holes rather than one huge hollow allows for ventilation even as keeping flying and nesting insects out. Ridged aspects will assist save you the bumper cap from coming unfastened at the same time as driving down the street. Built of long lasting polyethylene and includes saver to assist prevent lost bumper caps. The caps in shape general 4” rectangular rv bumpers.

  • smaller holes provide ventilation while keeping flying and nesting insects out
  • squeeze grip for easy installation and removal
  • grip ribs assist keep cap in bumper
  • durable polyethylene construction suits trendy 4″ square rv bumper
  • consists of one bumper cap with clip-on saver
  • product description

    replace lost or broken rv bumper caps with camco’s no insect rv bumper caps offering small vent holes and squeeze grip for smooth set up and elimination. Having numerous small vent holes in preference to one big hole allows for air flow even as preserving flying and nesting bugs out. Ridged aspects will help prevent the bumper cap from coming loose while driving down the road. Built of durable polyethylene and consists of saver to assist prevent lost bumper caps. The caps match trendy 4” square rv bumpers.


    Magnetic Cap, Magnetic Cap and Squeeze Grip Cap, Squeeze Grip Cap – Two Pack, Squeeze Grip Cap with Saver, Standard Cap – Two Pack

    7 reviews for Camco no insect bumper cap with saver – functions small holes to increase airflow and block insects, squeeze grip for smooth installation and elimination, suits general rv four” rectangular bumpers (40324)

    1. slcloudy

      Love em, though they seem a little pricey to me. I ended up using two sets (since I wanted two of the Magnetic ends). On my “dump side” I have my (normally used) 10 foot sewer hose attached to the magnetic end, and on the other side I have my “alternate” 20 foot sewer hose attached to the other magnetic end. So in those rare circumstances where I cannot get within 10 feet of the dump station, I just pull out the alternate longer sewer hose. Since the magnetic ends conveniently have attachment fittings for the sewer hose, I’m not having to try and fish the unattached hose out from the bumper storage. Hey Camco – why not make an alternate set available with BOTH end caps being the magnetized ends at only 1.5 times the cost?? (Good suggestion awards are encouraged.) Read more

    2. Mantracker

      I have been RVing for 40 years and have lost many sewer bumper end caps and even a couple of hoses. I can’t figure out why someone hasn’t come up with this idea before. This sewer bumper cap is the perfect solution. Not only do the magnets hold it in the bumper, but the cap has a lug fitting to attach to your sewer hose connector (Camco Rhino) so when you pull the cap out, the sewer hose comes out with it. You no longer have to dig in that nasty bumper to find your hose. The kit comes with one magnetic lug end cap, but I got two so that both ends stay in the bumper. I highly recommend this Camco Magnetic Bumper Cap./ Read more

    3. NM Mountain Lovers

      Great idea with a flaw. The squeeze side holds pretty well, the magnet side does not. The great part is how the design pulls the sewer hose out of your bumper. The bad is that the magnets are not strong enough, so in a good crosswind the end will get sucked off easily. Which means the hose WILL get sucked out with it! Imagine the delight of anyone following you. If you choose to use this, I strongly suggest drilling a small hole and pinning it to the bumper to ensure this unhappiness doesn’t happen to you. Read more

    4. Ken Wright

      The review options are a hoot. Let’s start 1: Easy to install: Yep one side fits like a glove the other is magnetic and snaps in place while your sewage end clicks into it. 2: Value for money: Hmmm wee this is tricky. Quality seems awesome and probably is BUT…..(see at the end) 3:Easy to remove: You could say that. So I bought this thing and was like wow this is the cats ass. One side is kind of “permanent” you kick it on and it stays put. The other side (magnetic) hooks to the sewer hookup and as you close it makes a *click* sound. The magnets cling to the square housing with what seems to be a tight grip. With confidence I started my ride. Not even 2 miles down the road at 65 mph people started honking. Figured I blew a tire but nope. I GET out and my sewer pipe is almost all the way out. No site of the cap and the end piece of my new sewer line I just paid for. So yeah, very pissed off atm. Don’t buy! Read more

    5. ALLAN H.

      I bought the magnetic bumper cap set (one magnetic one not) hoping the magnets would be strong enough. Wen I got the product and tested it, I became concerned that the magnets would not be able to hold the cap onto the bumper. I read several of the reviews and became certain that the magnets would not be able to hold due to road vibrations. So, I found a solution that I think will work well. Look at the attached photo. I simply used one of my ratchet cargo straps to hold both end caps onto the bumper while traveling. This will work great as long as I can remember to engage the strap before traveling. I rank this product with four stars because the design provides a false sense of confidence in the product. However, the cap design allows the product short comming to be overcome. Also, the product design looks like it will solve the unwanted critter problem as well. I recommend this product because it can be made to work correctly, whereas the factory product was not very useful. There are other products out there too, but they are not strappable. By the way, I first tried a bungee cord, but thought it would not sutvive, so I resorted to the strap. Read more

    6. John H.

      These bumper caps are absolutely perfect for 4″ RV bumpers. Most factory bumper caps have a large hole in the center of them, which allows mud daubers, wasps, and other pests to make themselves comfy inside your bumper, until you open it to retrieve your sewer hose, and get a nasty surprise (Ask me how I know!). These caps still allow ventilation so your sewer hose dries out in between uses, but prevents surprises! As an added bonus, these fit much tighter than the factory caps on my 2017 Rockwood Mini Lite, which prevents them falling out while on the road. Simply squeeze the center of the cap to remove them easily, and then press them into place when you’re finished. One of the first products I purchase when buying a new travel trailer. Read more

    7. JWindish

      I bought these bumper caps to replace the factory caps that fell off our RV. I had replaced the originals with OEM once and those fell off as well. I found these caps and they appeared to be something that would work really well. I would say, just ok. The concept is good – clasps that connect to your sewer tubes to hold the caps on and magnets that hold to the bumper seems like a pretty good idea. I put these on and noticed right away that they were pretty tight when twisted onto the sewer tubes – I should have known right away how that was going to turn out when I went to take the cap off to use my sewer tube. You guessed it, broke the clasps on the first twist to take the cap off. I should have just returned the product to the company but not worth it to me by the time I package it and ship it back. I still have the broken cap and the magnets seem to be holding the caps on the bumper, but I’m sure I’ll be missing one again some trip. I just hope my sewer tubes don’t come flying out while going down the road – that could get expensive. Maybe I just got a weak cap, but I doubt it. Give them a try but be careful how tight they go on. If it’s really going on tightly, just stop and remove it before you break the clasps off. The magnets may hold it on good enough, but not likely for the long haul. Good luck. Read more

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