Cargoloc 2-piece fifty two” aluminum roof pinnacle cross bar set – suits most 46” span across current raised aspect rails with gap – capabilities keyed locking mechanism, silver

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  • make certain this fits by means of coming into your version variety.
  • excessive nice aluminum construction – our design capabilities a inflexible aluminum frame that cuts down on weight with out sacrificing energy!
  • 150 lbs load potential – whether it’s a kayak, mountain bike, or skis, these cross bars will get your favored toys to wherein the a laugh takes place!
  • secure and at ease – a heavy obligation clamping mechanism guarantees the go bars will remain firmly mounted to the existing aspect rails, and the keyed locking mechanism will make certain they stay placed!
  • measures fifty two” cease to give up – suits a most of a 46” span among aspect rails, supplying enough room on your equipment!
  • raised aspect rails with gap required – suits maximum vehicles with present raised facet rails with gap (maximum 46” span between facet rails)!
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cargoloc roof top 2 computer. 46″ aluminum go bars – lockable

load ability is 150 lbs. Lockable for greater safety. Confined lifetime guarantee. At cargoloc, we’re committed to being the recognized market leader in the shipment management class. Being vertically integrated, we deliver to you proprietary and modern products, with consistency so that it will exceed your expectancies. To make certain cargo security and protection, each aspect have to meet or exceed strict requirements from electricity, durability and consistency. Some of the blessings that set us aside, is our webbing and capacities. At cargoloc, we associate solely with world magnificence webbing turbines to design, expand and build the fine webbing money should purchase. Our rated ability is the true rated capacity, vs. Different resources price up to that potential.

  • product description:
  • load potential is a hundred and fifty lbs
  • lockable for greater safety
  • confined lifetime warranty
  • product description

    cargoloc roof top 2 laptop, 52″ rooftop pass bars – aluminum-lockable


    2 pc 46" Cross Bars, 60-Inch



    8 reviews for Cargoloc 2-piece fifty two” aluminum roof pinnacle cross bar set – suits most 46” span across current raised aspect rails with gap – capabilities keyed locking mechanism, silver

    1. Michael

      I really like these bars. Before purchasing, I read a ton of these reviews to know what I was up against. The issues that stuck out to me was the color and the whistling noise from the wind on the under side of the cross bar. Ok. For $43 I can’t complain. So I bought them. Right out of the packaging I was impressed. 2 keys that worked for all 4 locks. They seem sturdy. Simple and effective design. I did notice the “tunnel” on the bottom side of both cross bars. I figured this is what was causing the wind noise. So… I took some aluminum foil tape (x2) and covered the tunnel. It made for an almost smooth surface for wind to glide past, inside of trapped in the tunnel whistling. Now the color. I have a white 2016 Jeep Cherokee 75 anniversary off-road package (charcoal grey and black molding and tires). I didn’t want this silver look to the cross bars. So I went to walmart and bought a $6 can of matte black plastidip and painted everything except the clamps (3 coats). Let it dry and set for 48 hours, then installed. I haven’t heard any whistling from 0-85mph. They are strong enough to hold my rack on top of the suv. I’ll come back in the Spring to update this review. That’s when I’ll start really putting some wear and tear on these bars. Read more

    2. Jamie C.

      These look really good and fit wonderfully. What an easy install too. I bought them on a whim because I needed them for our camping trip and was pleased to find they were so easy to put on my 2015 Subaru Crosstrek. My kayak racks fit on there perfectly as well. Drove for 9 hours with the kayaks and everything held together great. Read more

    3. BeckyChristine

      Used this on our 2016 Nissan Rogue for over a week with a cargo carrier. It works excellent in rains and 40mph winds with our cargo bag in tow. They didn’t move an inch and held tight to our bars and cargo bag. Great quality and extremely easy install. Read more

    4. connie e.

      I installed this on a 2014 Toyota 4Runner. The installation was easy and the bars appeared to be on there very tight. I installed a kayak stacker with 2 kayaks on it and while driving, one end of the bar slide out of the foot and the end cap was lost. The entire load had shifted to the right and the bar was overhanging the right side of the car. We were able to pull over and re-shift everything but I have lost confidence in this cross bar system. It also has a raised ridge area on the bar that every time you slide kayaks across it, it takes a little plastic off of them with the weight of the kayak. Read more

    5. Jo

      The rack fits great on my 2014 Jeep Cherokee. I just picked up road biking as a hobby. I didn’t want to drop 300-400 dollars on a Thule or Yakima set up. This alternative cost 135.00, including to bike fork mounts. It’s worked great, I’ve had it for about 4 months now and use it frequently. It took me about 15 minutes to install, installation is pretty straight forward. I occasionally check on it and make sure everything is tight. Read more

    6. VolksJon

      It took me a couple days to get around to mounting these up. I cannot understand the reviews mentioning the retaining bolts and locks. It is obvious the locks are only there to prevent persons from accessing the retaining bolts. to STEAL IT. with out the locks, an allen wrench and away it goes. It took about 5 minutes to mount both of these onto the Subaru Imprezza 2013 with factory rails, That was with measuring side to side to get them placed evenly. Couldn’t be easier to mount. They locked on pretty securely. I will be testing them out on the highway this weekend. They were shipped in the factory box with the allen and keys. The box arrived in acceptable condition, considering the delivery service. Everything inside the box was in factory new condition. Update.. 1776 miles in 4 days. 70mph on the highway. They never loosened or slid. I couldnt tell you about any additional noise, as I have a hearing problem to begin with. And I actually use my stereo. No noise noted at speed in the imprezza. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      Perfectly fits with my VW Tiguan 150 lb capacity is enough for my cargo box!!!!!!!Five stars~~~ Read more

    8. James Earl Carter

      I think it probably took longer for me to unpack the box than to put in on the car. Aluminum cross rails seem to be sturdy. The clamps are a clamshell plastic that seems to be fairly robust so I’m not anticipating problems with it. But I expect these probably are the week link in the system if there is one. Along the top there is both a rubber grip strip as well as raises aluminum ridges so it’s not smooth on the top and should provide some grip to things tighted onto it. Overall it appears to be a great simple design at a good price. I put this on a kia sorrento 2011. THe outer edges of the rails are 44.5″ apart and I still had room to spare. The jaws opened up beyond 2.25″ so it was easy to get this over the extra wide oval rails of the Kia Sorrento. below 45MPH I don’t hear anything. Above that I hear a fairly quiet steady note, comparable to most every roof rack, even aero racks I’ve owned. If you are listening for it you can definitely hear it but if not you don’t notice it much. To describe the magnitude: It’s certainly less noisy than the sound you get with a window that is not quite perfectly sealed up. The tightening mechanism requires both the key for the lock and an extra long allen wrench (supplied). The keys allow a peice of plastic to slide back revealing the head of the tightening screw. This plastic veil hides the head of the screw in the “locked” position. it doesn’t look like the lock actually locks the mechanism, just hides the access port to the screw. If you lose the keys it looks like it would be easy to drill out the plastic cover to access the screw. I have seen other designs on racks that don’t require an allen key to tighten. This one requires it so one needs to keep track of it. It’s extra long so it would be hard to replace. Read more

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