Covercraft uvs100 custom compatible with choose ford f-250/f-350 fashions, silver

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  • make sure this suits
  • through coming into your version number.
  • well matched with: 2017-2020 ford f-250/f-350 exquisite obligation
  • custom in shape to the windshield for entire coverage
  • defend the sprint and other indoors additives from harm by way of the sun
  • reduce the interior temperature of the automobile on hot days
  • the froth middle center of the protect acts as an insulator
  • easy to use and shop away when not in use
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product description

the uvs100 custom sunscreen is an cheap manner to defend the indoors of your automobile from unfavorable uv rays as well as adding a stage of consolation and protection with the aid of decreasing the interior temperature of the automobile on warm days. The sunscreen is made to fit your precise windshield, offering most coverage to hold your automobile cooler.


Blue Metallic, Green Ice, Silver

8 reviews for Covercraft uvs100 custom compatible with choose ford f-250/f-350 fashions, silver

  1. Aaron M Baker

    On every other vehicle I’ve had or seen with these, it fits perfectly and covers the whole windshield. On my 2018 f350 platinum it doesn’t. The lane keeping camera below my rear view mirror keeps the visor from sitting flush, because there’s no cut out for it. Also these are always a pain to put in and out of windshields but are usually worth the effort. The handles on the A pillars on the f series trucks makes it even more difficult than usual. Overall it works, but for how much it cost and how it doesn’t fit like it should I would save your money and get something else.Read more

  2. Mr. Me

    I love this screen but I really don’t like that it doesn’t fit. The one I bought says specifically in the item name that it fits an F-250/F-350 super duty but as you can see in the photo it’s a foot too narrow.EDIT: I called Covercraft to discuss this. I was told to return it to Amazon and “order the right one.” When I told them I did order the right one, it’s just way too small and I’m concerned about getting the same faulty cover as a replacement, they had nothing to offer me and said I should just return it for credit. My impression is that it doesn’t matter to them that it doesn’t fit, so I guess I’m going to order from Weathertech instead.Read more

  3. Beatrice galvan

    My husband has a 2018 Ford F-250 limited with leather interior and this visor was a perfect fit for the oversized windshield these trucks have compared to the Silverado I drive. It’s very sturdy and doesn’t move once it’s in place. Covers 98% of the windshield. Some light peeks through the top or bottom depending how close you have it sitting to the weatherstrip on the dash but not enough to defeat its purpose. I use the interior visors to hold it in place. It is a little tricky to install on my own from sitting in the drivers seat because it is so stiff but It definitely does a great job of keeping the sun off the dash. This particular one didn’t come with a storage bag which was my only regret in not reading the description thoroughly as it doesn’t have a strap or anything to keep it folded when it’s not in use. Oh well, Just slide it under the backseat and pull it back out when you need it.Read more

  4. Roy V. Maskell

    This shade has worked well in our hot Texas weather. Overall I’m very happy with the durability and quality of this sunshade. Some may complain of the fit around the mirror but the thickness of this shade allows very little flexibility so it has to have the gap around the mirror to fit in the window properly. It still blocks the sun and absorbs the heat well. Way better than those cheap cloth wire framed shades. Highly recommend!!Read more

  5. James H.

    Nice sunshade but saying it is a custom fit might be a stretch. This is suppose to be a custom fit sunscreen but there is still a gap on either side of the sunscreen when it is in the window. No big deal but when your paying this much money for a sunscreen you expect a better fit.Read more

  6. Woody

    I purchased this for my 2019 F-350. It is possibly one of the best accessories that I have bought for it so far! Fit is perfect. Folds up nicely. Sturdy, doesn’t sag or droop like other less expensive products. On the pricey side but WELL worth it. Only thing that could possibly make it better is a storage sleeve for it, but that is nit-picking. You won’t be disappointed.Read more

  7. BluebirdEdge

    Fits perfectly for a 2017 Ford F-350 Platinum. The dash in my truck is leather and this is totally worth the price to protect the dash from the hot sun. Easy to install and stays up because it is stiff fits the windshield perfectly. The visors need to be pulled down to keep it secure. Highly recommend this sun shade!Read more

  8. monet878

    This item didn’t fit my F 250 Super Duty. It was too long. I still use it as I didn’t feel like exchanging. I will probably buy another one in the future and make sure I get the right size. I have these for my other cars and I think they are the best product for what they do. They last about 5 years in the Las Vegas Sunshine.Read more

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