Furrion vision s 4. 3 inch wi-fi rv backup system with 1 rear sharkfin camera, infrared night time vision and huge viewing perspective – fos43tasf

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  • easy & quick installation: maximum rvs are already prepped for the imaginative and prescient s sharkfin camera device, doing away with substantial drilling requirements
  • water resistant digicam with night imaginative and prescient: comes with 1 excessive resolution (720×480) ip65 water-proof digicam with infrared night time imaginative and prescient, stay streaming, intelligent ir reduce filters and huge viewing angle of 120°
  • stable & long range sign energy: the 2. 4ghz proprietary wi-fi conversation provides a dependable digital reference to no lag between the digital camera and monitor . Examined for as much as 100ft at high speeds and extended variety of up to 492ft in open areas. Compatible with rvs, motorhomes, trucks, semi-trailers, field vehicles, shuttle buses, commuter buses, and tractors
  • clear & easy viewing: 4. 3″ touch screen anti-glare screen comes with park assist marker traces and presentations a clean uninterrupted live-video . The windshield and table mount permit for smooth viewing.
  • safety & safety: you may additionally twine the camera to serve as a protection gadget that will help you stay safe while parked. The digital camera has movement sensors which can vehicle wake the display. The microphone inside the camera has audio transmission, bearing in mind parking guidance
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the bundle comes with 1 reveal, 1 camera and 1 windshield mount

with a transmission range of as much as 492 ft while parked and examined for 50 toes at high speeds, furrion imaginative and prescient s camera machine is good for journey trailers, 5th wheels or commercial vehicles.

the 2. 4ghz virtual wi-fi era provides smooth, clean, and uninterrupted stay-video with no lag. The digital locking signature prevents photograph interference or picture loss while parking or riding, even at high speeds

motion detectors alert you of any motion outdoor your car. Whilst desk bound, the auto wide awake display turns commentary cameras into motion detecting safety cameras.

the microphone at the rear and doorway safety cameras pick up sounds which makes backing up safer

with a 120° viewing angle for doorway and rear cameras and sixty five° for the facet cameras, furrion vision s gives you visibility all around your rv to reduce blind spots and makes reversing less complicated and more secure.

furrion vision s era presents coverage of 40ft of clean, particular and sharp video even in complete darkness.

rear help marker strains help you opposite adequately. With insurance proper down to the bumper, it’s smooth to see blind spots and hidden boundaries whilst backing up.

the excessive-decision lets you toggle between the cameras. With the bigger 7″ & 5″ monitor, you may view up to four cameras at once. Passing, tailgating, and merging motors are tons less difficult to look.


4.3" Monitor w/ Cam for Rear Bracket, 5" Monitor w/ Cam for Rear Bracket, 7" Monitor w/ Cam for Rear Bracket

8 reviews for Furrion vision s 4. 3 inch wi-fi rv backup system with 1 rear sharkfin camera, infrared night time vision and huge viewing perspective – fos43tasf

  1. Team Matthias

    UPDATE: We’ve taken the 5th wheel out many times and this camera system always works flawlessly. Hubby likes to keep the monitor on, vice using the motion detect mode, as it aids to see what’s to the rear when he wants to change lanes. I believe the Amazon price is lower than manufacturer’s site, so this may be your best bet. Great product! First of all…..PERFECT! Now, for anyone installing this in a new RV that is prepped for the camera, like our brand new Keystone Cougar. First of all, you typically must have your running lights on; we did. We just couldn’t get it paired up and finally figured out there was no power to the camera; yup, the workers left the RV wires hanging, never hooked it up! Just took a moment to tie the wire into the running light, as it should’ve been. I wonder how many cameras have been returned because of this sloppy RV workmanship, thinking the camera was defective. Anyway, back to the camera. Once we verified power to the camera we paired it up quickly. While reading the instructions I found that there is a motion sensor built in, therefore, even if you are driving, if there is no motion behind you, the monitors may go off, or to sleep. We put this to the test, although it was only in the driveway and it works great, rather sensitive, I like it. The monitor is really nice and clear and although we won’t take it out for another couple of weeks, we’re sure it’ll do just fine. If there are any issues, or we discover additional features, I’ll update this review. By the way, I purchased this version as it is the latest one; maybe $60. more, but undoubtedly worth the price. Besides, the older model is no longer supported and parts not available. Read more

  2. TJ Cullen

    Hate that I had to buy this thing but it definitely spares me some curse words when backing up the trailer. With this I’m able to park my trailer without getting into any arguments w the wife over hand signals and such. Works well, easy to hook up, and actually is very useful on the highway. $400 is steep when you just bought a new trailer, but look at it as an investment in your happiness. Less fuss setting up= more enjoyable trip/ vacation. Read more

  3. Face

    My camper was pre-installed with the mount for the camper. Install was very easy. At least running lights need to be on with my camper for camera to work. The camper is 31′ and the truck is an F250 with 8′ bed. I never lost connection to camera even when travelling 75+ MPH. That was a complaint with the older model. Very happy so far and it is really nice seeing what is behind you while driving and gives a little extra comfort when passing. Read more

  4. Carlos

    I bought this to replace the “back-up” system that I got with my 5th wheel. When I hooked it up I could see the difference right away. The picture is clearer but most importantly it holds signal while moving down the road at highway speeds. On the first trip out I traveled close to 200 miles each way and it only lost signal once after about 150 miles into the trip. Is it perfect? No. But it works better than the grainy back-up camera that lost signal constantly and was laggy while driving down the road. It’s nice being able to see what’s behind my 5th wheel when I’m going down the road and backing up. Read more

  5. Heather S.

    This model was fantastic. We got it originally thinking we were only going to use it for backing up. On our trip we left it on and used it to change lanes. This was super easy to install. Read more

  6. Charmain W

    This camera system worked really well for our trip. It was easy to install because the camper cane prepped for it. We literally just plugged it all in and it worked. In the picture you can see upcoming traffic on both sides of the camper passing us. The extra piece of mind was well worth the money. Backing up is much easier too! Read more

  7. Bill

    I purchased this for 2019 Jayco travel trailer that came pre-wired for the Furrion backup camera. The existing bracket on the camper specified buying FOS48TA-BL as “high speed observation camera” or the FRC12TA-BL “backup system.” I could not find either and then read that this is the newer model. The camera came mounted in the sharkfin bracket, the same type bracket that was already on my camper. To install I just removed the four screws to take the camera out of the bracket, then remove the same plate on the bracket on the camper, then install the camera. This avoids removing the entire sharkfin bracket off the camper. Inside the bracket on the camper there was a headphone jack type plug to connect to the camera, and there was also a purple wire – not sure what that is for and didn’t use it. The camera only worked with the vehicle lights on (sending power to the camper running lights). It did not work with the lights off even when putting into reverse gear. The camera has a great picture. There are no grid lines for parking. It has audio which allows you to hear someone in the back helping you park. The camera also has a motion detector mode which allows the display to shut off unless it detects motion. Overall very happy with this purchase! Read more

  8. Mark Greer

    Still cuts out occasionally.. even though the trailer is only 19′.. ..the screen is just a bit too small.. ..the clarity is just OK…not amaxing … ..the angle is perfect.. Read more

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