Icbeamer 37. 8″ 980mm usual fit auto moon sunroof wind deflector black darkish smoke smooth w/water-resistant tape

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  • make sure this suits
  • via coming into your version range.
  • ⭐⭐⭐set up video to be had: strongly advise watch installation video earlier than buy.
  • ⭐set up guidelines: double aspect tape cannot be re-follow/re-adhere/reuse as soon as it has been located onto the vehicle. Position the sunroof visor and align it efficiently before casting off the red plastic. In-case vicinity it incorrect role would require to update a ultra-modern double aspect tape to re-adhere.
  • ⭐feature: long lasting fabric designed to face up to the rigors of the factors, five. Make it possible to go away the sunroof/moon roof open some inches to get clean air even on wet days.
  • ⭐direct tape on oem fashion layout. No slicing & no drilling (excessive first-class double facet tape covered).
  • ⭐made from top fine acrylic in darkish smoke shade uv-resistant fabric & enhance safer using. Lessen wind, noise & hold rain out. 5 times longer lifestyles than other p. C
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icbeamer commonplace match car sunroof moonroof wind deflector visor

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those sunroof visor wind deflectors have an aerodynamic design that redirects air past your window, keeping rain and airborne particles out, even as preserving you at ease. Additionally they can help you leave your sunroof to live cracked open to keep interior temperatures lower while obscuring vision of it to maintain thieves away. Made from excessive-impact acrylic, they set up effortlessly with double side tape. Installing a sunroof wind deflector visor provides full-size reduction of in-cabin wind noise and air turbulence at the same time as on the identical time permitting fresh air in.


  • fabricated from excessive fine tinted acrylic, uv-resistant cloth
  • darkish smoke shade
  • direct tape on. No reducing or drilling required
  • lets in fresh air in.
  • fully protected from sunlight, wind, rain, snow deflector.
  • reduces cabin noise thru opening sunroof by means of deflecting air and turbulence.
  • installs with protected high quality double sided adhesive tape.
  • hints: double sided tape can’t be re-observe/reuse once it has been positioned onto the car. Function the sunroof visor and align it effectively earlier than getting rid of the pink plastic. In-case location it incorrect function will require to update a latest double side tape to re-adhere.
  • measure before placing order to avoid mistake. Make certain your car sunroof/moon roof has 1 inch area on each facet for correct fitment. Please measure the sunroof/moon-roof length in your automobile first and make sure it’s miles the precise size earlier than buy!
  • size_name

    35.6" (880mm), 37.8" (980mm), 42.5" (1062mm)


    Dark Smoke

    8 reviews for Icbeamer 37. 8″ 980mm usual fit auto moon sunroof wind deflector black darkish smoke smooth w/water-resistant tape

    1. Retribution Specialist

      I was hesitant to buy this as it was adhesion only. All of my other cars used OEM deflectors using secure clip mounting. I prepped surface with rubbing alcohol to clean thoroughly. I warmed both tape and roof of car with a heat gun to promote better adhesion. Adhered to vehicle and left it inside a heated garage at 74 deg F. Did not drive car for 4 days. Took it out and hit the highway at 58 mph. It blew off the roof of the car, and hit the vehicle behind me. Luckily no collision occurred. The unit is advertised as using “3M waterproof tape”. Wrong, It has a tape similar to 3M. It is a poor quality tape. See my attached photos. One is an extra roll of tape supplied with the unit. The other clearly a proper 3M tape. Note that the 3M tape used their logo on the backing liner. The unit supplied tape does not. Frankly, I find this disturbing. Using the 3M name when the tape is not. 3M “type” is what it should read. So to summarize. beware when purchasing this unit. Purchase some real 3M tape to replace the one on it. Also, the tape applied does NOT allow for any water to run off trapped under the deflector. It should have proper channels cut into the plastic to allow run off. OEM units do.On the plus side, it is a nice looking unit for the price. Too bad the quality is lacking in manufacturing.Read more

    2. Nathaniel Castro

      It’s worth the money and looks good! Let’s see how good it sticks.Read more

    3. Curtis

      If I would’ve listened to the negative reviews, I would’ve been ticked at myself. One person said it fell off while going 70 mph, that’s crap! Mine works perfect! They didn’t do it right, or it was a fake comment. I cleaned the area on my Outlook, set it correctly, then I tested it for myself on the highway. Results, no prob at all! Yes, it does feel flimsy when you first get it, but put it on correctly, and that sunroof deflector is sturdy as it should be. People, please stop with the fake reviews! You’re making yourselves look bad!Read more

    4. Haley Kemp

      Great price, great purchase and worth ordering for sure! The installation was so easy and the tape seems like it is not strong enough and then it sticks so well! I have had it on for a few months now and there has been rain, cold, fog, humid, sun and dew and nothing has lifted, cracked or anything. I mean, hey, it is not a weathertech item and if you’re like me and want a clean look for less money then this is where it’s at! Great buy, love it, perfect for JDM cars or cars looking for a clean, blacked out look. My focus is only a few months old with me so I am still adding customized features to her and I loved this!Read more

    5. Lisa Jenkinson

      Cleaned my paint really well with wax and grease remover, and was clean and dry. Visor is flat along the bottom and car roof was curved. Visor didn’t want to stay down in the corners and would let loos slightly over time. The plastic was also very thin. It blew off in an automatic car wash and was destroyed, kind of bummed. Had a different brand on my previous car that held on with 2 metal clips and 2 screws. that visor held on for years. Guess it was ok for the price if you can get it to stick. You have only one time to get it installed correctly.Read more

    6. yuli

      I dont like when the sun hits it and u can see throught it so i spray painted it darker but im sure any u buy will do thatRead more

    7. DawSin808

      This is on my 2013 Lexus ES350 and it fits perfectly!! It appears to be a good quality product, not flimsy. Take measurements before you buy!! Clean the area thoroughly before you apply. I removed the protective adhesive strip entirely and eyeballed it into position.. it adhered instantly and looks great!! Try to get it right the first time as adhesive tape will lose its adhesion if you stick/unstick frequently.. and you may have to replace adhesive tape >> I recommend Gorilla 2 sided tape!! Im a DIY and hate to send items back and wait for replacement item so I just make it work. If your roof curves are extreme, I suggest you reinforce with more 2 sided tape on both ends to help keep it in place. Overall, I’m happy with the product/results and expect it to last and stay in place for a long time.Read more

    8. Jose Guzman

      It looked nice and shiny out of the box but, after following all the instructions in the video on “how to install”, taking measurement and all that, I put it on my car and it looked great, until the next morning.It did not stick and had to remove it and return it.Did not work for me.Read more

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