Leader accessories xtreme protect 5 layers suv car cover waterproof breathable out of doors indoor suv up to 240″

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  • make sure this suits by means of coming into your model range.
  • one hundred% waterproof- there’s one layer of water-proof film, which guard towards rain and water; ultrasonic seams era save you water from seeping into seams.
  • top rate cloth- 3 layers of spunbond polypropylene + 1 layer of water-proof pe film+1 layer of uv stabilizer
  • protection- protects for your vehicle from rain, harmful uv rays, dirt, dust, snow, ice, industrial pollutants.
  • fitment- elastic hem across the bottoms for comfortable fit.
  • free garage bag blanketed
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3 layers of spunbond polypropylene + 1 layer of waterproof pe film+1 layer of uv stabilizer

adjustable windproof strap with buckle to shield in opposition to robust wind

ultrasonic seams era keeps your car dry even at some stage in heavy rain pours

durable cover to save you from scratch

length 199”l x sixty one”w x 50. 5”h

storage bag+buckle+two antenna pactch


1-Sedans Up To 185" L, 1-Sedans Up To 200" L, 1-Sedans Up To 228" L, 2-Suv Up To 187'', 2-Suv Up To 195'', 2-Suv Up To 240'', 3-Truck Up To 249''

6 reviews for Leader accessories xtreme protect 5 layers suv car cover waterproof breathable out of doors indoor suv up to 240″

  1. @Lark

    ✔️ JULY 19, 2017 – UPDATE: A year and a half later in stormy Oregon and still performing well!! ”100% Waterproof! I live in Oregon and it is holding up to our early spring storms and torrential downpours. We get 7 – 8 months of substantial, regular, rain a year here. Unfortunately we have been unable to isolate the leak in my Land Rover, so my vehicle spends the the majority of the year entirely covered, sans for taking it off and on to drive it sparingly. Still one of my best Amazon purchases to date! ✽ I needed this cover to be 100% waterproof, and it is. I purchased this to cover the vehicle because the front of the headliner is leaking inside the vehicle and thus far we have not been able to isolate the leak. It covers my Land Rover Discovery completely, sans for the tires. The Discovery is the big, boxy, older style Land Rover, so this cover is very good-sized and would certainly cover any newer Land/Range Rover, as they are much more compact. My vehicle is basically a wide, tall, boxy, square on wheels with a large brush guard on the front bumper and spare tire that extends off the back bumper. I would expect this to cover any compact or mid-sized car without issue. It would depend on the length of the sedan as to whether it would be sufficient. If you have an older-style sedan with a long front and/or back end, I would definitely measure it our before ordering. 🔆 THE FIT: Fits my TALL, WIDE AND BOXY 2003 Land Rover Discovery 2 SE7 really well. Fits snugly and completely under front bumper and extends the length of the vehicle. It stretches completely over spare tire and down under back bottom step, which is where I attach the trunk loop under because clearly it has no trunk. This does not completely cover the tires however. This is of course because the vehicle is almost seven feet in height and over 6 feet in width. The security strap is just long enough to stretch across the width underneath the vehicle, and it is able to buckle as well. ➡️ TIP: I HAVE ATTACHED A PHOTO WITH THE EXACT SPECS OF MY VEHICLE FOR YOU IN THE PHOTO BELOW. 🌐 OVERALL: I couldn’t be more pleased with this cover. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I will be happy to answer. Read more

  2. isgard hueck

    I used the cover on my truck in my driveway on and off for about 5 months, and it is literally falling apart. It rips and when I touch the areas that were sun-exposed, they pretty much dissepate into dust. I just threw it away. Only after 5 months of usage on the outside. Not recommended!! Does not withstand the outside and does not last. When I emailed the seller for a warranty, he also did not respond at all. Trash. Read more

  3. daniel gonzalez

    I just dumped 5gls out of my bed this morning. The cover protected my Denali Crew cab perfectly from a recent AZ downpour. The material performed PERFECT! I’ve only had it a few weeks so we will see how it holds up in the AZ sun. I ONLY gave it (3) stars because who ever designed it, didn’t take SERIOUSLY the wind lift factor. Again, the material held up GREAT and didn’t allow water or condensation through to the truck. HOWEVER, before the rain, often comes wind. I had to duct tape a couple of spots at the front of the truck. Then, cut slits to connect bungee cords to stop the front of the cover from coming off. That’s why 3 stars. I’d give it a 4 for material quality, though I haven’t seen it sustain the sun as of yet. If someone from Leader reads this……please sit down with your design team. You have the opportunity to sell A LOT of these covers. PLEASE ADD STRONG TIE-DOWN OPENINGS IN FRONT AND AT THE REAR OF YOUR COVERS. Similar to the sides. Dan Gonzalez-Pres MOJITO Maintenance, inc. Read more

  4. Vern

    I’ve had this cover sitting in the box for a couple of weeks and finally put it over my truck. I thought since my truck was freshly washed and we had a storm on the way it would be a perfect test for the cover. Needless to say by looking at the photos it was a major fail. One of the velcro straps that hook under the bumper had the stitching tear out. the strap that goes under the middle of the truck had strap slide out of the connector. There was a loop strap on the back of it that I placed around my stinger for the trailer and it tore off as well. It was water proof as you can see by the rain water puddled in it. You can see that my mooring cover for my boat stayed on during the storm. It has several small loops stitched in that allow it to be tied down much better. It did come with a carrying bag, good luck rolling it up and getting it back in it. The truck cover would be fine for a garaged vehicle to keep the dust off, but that was not what I needed it for. At least it fit my truck. Read more

  5. Alan

    Somehow the cover arrived and its was too short. Contacted the folks at Leader and they were great. Reorder another cover 240″, sent off the short cover. The new cover arrived and it fits! Is it a custom fit? NO. Will it stretch over a 2019 GMC 2500HD 4 door with a 6.5 Bed? YES. Is it a custom fitted cover? NO Does it have Value for the price? YES! The cover have Yellow Tag in the front, inside, and Leader silk screened on the outside front. The back has the single large loop center rear. If you have a tonneau cover start at the rear. No cover start from the front. One person can get the truck covered but it is super easy with two, find a friend. Read more

  6. Jarhed

    This is a great cover, Ive owned several in my time but this one is by far the nicest. Its covering my 2019 Ram 2500, its water resistant, sun resistant but it breaths. Tie downs with straps on sides to strap to your running boards if equipped, (they are padded so not to beat against your paint during windy weather, velcro fasteners on each corner to strap to whatever you can, I strap my front thru the tow hooks, rears I dont use. The rear center has a tie loop to tie to your hitch. This cover will pool water in your bed so if you dont have a bed cover and it rains, instant pool in your truck bed, I installed an MX4 on my bed so no problem now. I washed my truck over a week ago, put the cover on and it still looks great after a week. It has not scratched my truck at all. Cover is marked “front” so your not confused putting it on. Im very pleased with this purchase and btw, the truck wont fit in my garage so thats why I bought to help against the Florida weather. Stay healthy! Read more

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