Leader add-ons car cowl uv safety basic shield three layer breathable dirt proof standard healthy complete car cowl as much as 2 hundred”

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  • ensure this suits
  • by using coming into your model variety.
  • size fitment- dimension two hundred” l x sixty one”w x 50. Five”h. Chief accessories automobile cowl healthy most model, adjustable elastic hem around cowl’s bottoms for snug healthy. Please measure your vehicle’s duration first.
  • cloth- 1. Leader add-ons auto cowl manufactured from non-woven cloth, that’s breathable and guard your vehicle from mould. 2. Tender material protect paint from scratch
  • windproof layout – straps with buckle on the center to secure automobile cowl in heavy wind from blowing off.
  • fitment- elastic hem across the bottoms for cushty healthy. The below car models in description are for reference
  • protection feature – chief add-ons automobile cowl is perfect for indoor and outside use. Protects your car from uv rays, dirt, dust, leaves, hen dropping.
  • storage bag covered.
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6 reviews for Leader add-ons car cowl uv safety basic shield three layer breathable dirt proof standard healthy complete car cowl as much as 2 hundred”

  1. Lucio Vazquez

    I’m going to make this really easy for everybody. Car covers are made out of two types of material, a Tyvek type material that is usually found on the side of a house under siding, or a triple felt ultra luxurious cotton bedsheet that costs a kings ransom. The variances are as numerous as the human imagination, but the reality of it is that mother nature is going to kick your car covers ass, and it’s going to get blown off your car and get rolled around in the mud and grass like a Britney Spears breakdown episode. When that happens, there’s no bringing it back unless you lovingly hand scrub every square inch of it and pick the yard debris out of the fibers with tweezers. Nobody has time for that, and it’s going to get thrown away and replaced. This is going to happen for every car cover you own until you either get a garage or your car reaches a point where you just don’t care to cover it anymore.Once you realize this, purchasing this car cover becomes a no-brainer. I did it and I’m very happy with it. I purchased the large size (up to 200″) and it comfortably covers my Cruze with Thule luggage rack, so if you looking for something to cover your car with a rack, this is the one to use!Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Definitely thinner than I thought it was going to be but still seems to be water resistant and pretty durable. This car is my baby and I’m terrified it’s going to scratch the paint still but only time will tell. It really does fit my Acura TL perfectly. My review will be updated on how the paint seems after a few months.UPDATE: I had the cover on for a few weeks straight (Taking it off once but washing it before putting the cover back on) IT SCRACHED MY PAINT! My paint was in great condition so I’m extremely disappointed. There are now scraches around the whole body!! I highly recommend you do NOT buy this car cover.Read more

  3. The Mitchells

    Simply stunned that this didn’t get universal 5 stars. I’ve read some of the non-5 star reviews and I couldn’t disagree more.First, this is my fifth car cover in the past ten years, so I’m becoming something of an unintended expert on car covers. I know now to always purchase a size up with any car cover, and this one was no different. It’s better to have a little extra to work with – particularly as the cover ages.This cover came with a lot of extras, which I’ve tried to include pictures of, and will talk about as we go through this review.First, it arrives in strong, sealed plastic, and then within that, a carrying bag which you can leave in your trunk, as I did. Leader included two adhesive patches with holes in the middle, to accommodate antennas… I use this cover for my 67 MUSTANG, so yes, this is important for many of us.The material is quite thick, yet was not difficult to get to cover the car. The elastic hugs the bumpers, and covers the wheels nearly completely. A quick snip with a knife, and the anteater goes over, and then we add a adhesive stick and presto. Very nice.Finally, while there are grommets for a cable if you wish to use one (again, as with all the above, see attached pictures), Legend has included a nylon strap which is sewn into the cover itself. Now, the buckle that they included didn’t seem to want to snag the nylon strap, but that’s fine – we simply tied a not so it couldn’t slide through.Regardless, at this price, this is a SLAM DUNK 5 STAR. Not sure if others got a defective shipment, but at this point I have zero complaints. All in all, I’m impressed. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.My rating system is as follows:Five stars is for a product that impresses me … one that offers facets I didn’t even think of in the first place. Five stars is for an excellent product, or a very good product at a great price (which I will note).Four stars for a solid, satisfying product that I would buy again given the need, or an average product at a great price (which I will note).Three stars for an unremarkable product that does what it says it will, but one that lacks inspiration and has key functionality missing, and/or some flaws.Two stars for a below average product and/or one that is overpriced given what you get for the money.One star for a product that you should stay away from for the reasons given.PLEASE CLICK “YES” below if you found this report helpful. 🙂 Thanks!Read more

  4. Torijo

    I can’t believe that any cover that isn’t custom made and hundreds of dollars could hold up during the recent weather in Florida. I am so impressed and amazed. I am telling ever9! My neighbors have come to ask me about it! One thing, I accidentally popped my trunk without removing cover first and I broke the piece that latches onto your trunk latch…pretty cool huh! But bummin bout silly mistake…but if your looking for a solid cover and don’t have a ton of money..BUY THIS COVER!! You will be very glad you did!!Read more

  5. JD

    This is great if you’re just looking to protect your car from large leaves, but I have an assigned spot underneath a tree that sheds a lot of sap as well as leaves and small berries. The leaves and bugs were fine, but the sap still seeps through. This fabric is NOT thick enough to stop the sap. It would still have a sticky residue and also when I would remove the cover it would leave scratch marks all over my windshield – which i’m guessing was the sap residue and the sliding of the cover on and off. I don’t want to keep scratching my car and don’t want sap. DO NOT PURCHASE if your tree sheds sap. I bought a different one with a thicker shell and softer interior for the same price.Read more

  6. Ingramg

    Leader Accessories what is the warranty on this product 3-5 months? After I received the cover I put it on the vehicle and strapped it from the bottom. It has been pretty secure and I was happy with the fitment. I was happy until about 2-3 month down the line I noticed that the cover started to show signs of deterioration in the form of small hole in the cover and them more which have become larger and not to mention where the antenna attached to the car there has formed a big hole from wear and I did remove the antenna all that is there if the mount. I feel I have just wasted my money why would you sell something that is not going to last at a very very minimum 1 year to 1 1/2 years? Look at the pictures I have attached and do not make the mistake I did spend a little more and get a cover that is going to last a while not 3-5 month. I feel I deserve my money back because I surely did not get what I paid for.Read more

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