Mallory 532 26″ snow brush with foam grip (colors may vary)

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  • make certain this suits
  • through coming into your version wide variety.
  • 26 inches lengthy for enough reach and compact storage
  • features 4 rows of strong plush bristles for elimination of heavy snow
  • 4″ huge scraper blade with hard ice chippers to interrupt thru and clear thick ice
  • contoured gentle foam grip offers comfort and manipulate
  • colours can also vary
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product description

the mallory 532 26″ cool tool snow brush with incorporated scraper and foam grip cope with is cozy and easy to apply with its curved cope with, comfort foam grip, and unbreakable scraper blade. The comb is eight” long and 1. 5” extensive with thick bristles make brushing snow and ice brief. Its compact design and lightweight frame makes it easy to shop and use presenting an additional huge scraper and a -tone comfort grip. Please notice that shades may additionally range.


Snow Brush

8 reviews for Mallory 532 26″ snow brush with foam grip (colors may vary)

  1. Jeff Thompson

    Terrible. Don’t buy this. The bristles of the brush all fell out the first time I used it. It was even a light snow so there’s no reason this should happen. Scraper portion seems fine.Update: been using the scraper side for less than a year and it’s gotten where it’s not very effective. Only scrapes in the middle—about half the length of the blade. Still terrible.Update: in garbage where it belongs.Read more

  2. OurAccount

    Well, I ordered this ice scraper/brush due to the many positive reviews. A brush is a brush is a brush – I don’t expect greatness out of a scraper/brush – any standard mid grade decent quality brush would have sufficed for me. Anyway, I chose this one, and it arrived with missing bristles. Four of the two dozen or so bristle holes are vacant. They don’t appear to have fallen out. It appears to never be used and therefore misfabbed. I don’t know how that passes even the highest level Quality Assurance check. That sucks. It’s not worth my time to replace it. I’m not even sure the replacement would be fully bristled. I’ll use this one, hope it holds up, and pick a different one next time.Read more

  3. Cyndi

    There is a warning on this product handle about chemicals used to make it. If you are of child bearing years or have children in your vehicle, the product has a warning not to have skin contact with it.Read more

  4. Flaxon

    Purchased due to the season being what it is; ice and snow. Received promptly and thankfully before the freeze. Problem is, the scraper I was sent had a rolled edge to the “blade” thay caused it to scrape the ice about as well as my fingenails would. I could probably clean up the edge with a file to make this thing usable, and probably will, but should I have to?But hey, at least the brush works fine.Read more

  5. Jeff B.

    I had barely used this product for 30 seconds when bristles started falling off. When I noticed them on my car, I looked on the ground, and there were more there, as well. I grabbed a couple bristles to see how easily I could pull them off, and before even really pulling at all, they detached from the brush. I don’t see how anyone is able to use this product. It is cheaply made and does not do what it is meant to do at all. I will be expecting a refund, as this is unacceptable.Read more

  6. YeGoose

    The padding around the handle seems a bit loose. I bought this one along with the slightly less expensive Amazon Basics one and would easily recommend the Amazon Basics one over this one… though they are both nearly identical. The bristles on this one seem less sturdy and the cut of the plastic on the end isn’t as good as the Amazon Basics one. The scraper part and overall construction of the plastic piece seems very durable, but the foam padding is what concerns me the most.Read more

  7. Pelsssss

    This was a piece of junk. The scraper scratched my windshield the first time I used it to scrape the ice off my windshield. The scraper later fell off. It was just glued onto the bottom of the rod. Would not buy again.Read more

  8. JYLY

    Decent snow brush now that I’ve actually received a proper one. I’ve had better ones, but for the price I paid for this I’m more than satisfied. Especially now that Amazon replaced my first broken one. Double check yours before you use it, otherwise you could end up damaging your car or breaking the snow brush without knowing it was defective/damaged in the first place. Especially with how the company tried to hide the damage from the first one I received. Hopefully it lasts as long as my previous one. Had that one for years, finally decided to retire it.Read more

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