Master lock – generic size fits 1-7/eight”, 2″, and a couple of-five/sixteen” couplers – trailer locks #389dat

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  • make certain this fits by coming into your model variety.
  • generic coupler lock suits truely all 1-7/eight”, 2″, and a couple of-5/sixteen” trailer couplers.
  • this lock protects unattended trailers and guards in opposition to tow-away robbery. The brilliant red end discourages thiefs from messing along with your trailer.
  • resists rust and corrosion. Easy set up and elimination.
  • superior locking mechanism resists choosing and prying.
  • we can’t key (2) of these locks the equal. The similar 379ka coupler locks are available keyed alike. The best distinction among this one (389dat) and the 379ka is the shade.
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this lock protects unattended trailers and guards against tow-away robbery fits 1-7/8″, 2″, & 5/16″ couplers by reese, fulton, valley, atwood, shelby, putnam, hammerblow, dutton, lainson, and ufp.


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8 reviews for Master lock – generic size fits 1-7/eight”, 2″, and a couple of-five/sixteen” couplers – trailer locks #389dat

  1. POBrien

    I purchased this item in October of 2017 and I have used it for two winter seasons. Second season the lock “tumbler” froze and would not open with a key. I used a “key antifreeze/lube” to see if it would free the lock and enable the key to be turned. Nothing was working even after letting the lock set up with the lube and antifreeze injected into it. I needed to get the lock off and after trying all the keys I had for the lock quit trying. The lock appears to be a really “beefy” item and I anticipated it was going to be a challenge to either cut it off or pry it off. With the lock in the position “shown in the coupler” photo I slipped a crowbar between the inside of the lock and the coupler on the trailer. It didn’t take me 15 SECONDS to remove the lock with just a little pressure on the bar. Pulling nails requires much more pressure. The item is JUNK! For the “would be thief” the bright red appearance of this lock would be a “screaming invitation” to steal this trailer…in this case an expensive Airstream! Read more

  2. Candid Reviewer

    This “Master Lock – Universal Size … Couplers – Trailer Locks #389DAT” is a nice coupler lock for the money, and likely to deter about 90% of would-be thieves. It goes on easily, locks securely, and “plugs” the coupler area so that someone can’t just back up to your trailer, hook it up, and haul it away. That said, the more you research these coupler locks, the bleaker it looks when it comes to fending off the other 10% of highly determined thieves. Even seemingly robust locks turn out to be startlingly easy to break off with a pry bar and leverage. So if someone sets their sights on stealing your trailer, it’s probably a goner. Thus, I highly recommend that you use this lock in combination with storing your trailer in a highly visible, well-lit area. That way, most thieves will be reluctant to be seen working on it with a pry bar. If you want something more secure, you’re going to be looking at highly specialized coupler locks that weigh a LOT and also cost $250+. A few of those designs not only look considerably stronger, but are designed in a way that makes it much harder to pry between the lock and the trailer tongue. As affordable options go, this is one of the better trailer locks I’ve come across at this price point. If you’re looking for basic deterrence of the casual thief, this is probably the way to go. But again, I would use it in conjunction with storing your trailer in a highly visible location as well. Read more

  3. C. W. Sayre

    OK, are you going to be an idiot like me and trust your $29,000 travel trailer to a cheap Master Lock? (Or a $2,000, $5,000, etc, trailer?) DON’T DO IT!!! This ball hitch lock is the ultimate poster child for “false security”. Let me explain. I watched a ten-minute video on lock picking on YouTube. I then bought a cheap Chinese set of lock picks on Amazon ($8.00). I received the lock picks today, and decided to see if a totally inexperienced “thief” could remove this lock from my trailer hitch. So I went to work: It took me, at first, 60 SECONDS to open this lock, but after the tenth time I got it down to about FIVE SECONDS. Me, with ZERO experience. Imagine some scumbag who actually took the time and spent an hour or two at home practicing opening locks; it would almost be faster to pick than to use the damn key. What a joke. I won’t even go into its brittle, pot-metal construction, and its ability to be easily broken off by a simple hammer… Read more

  4. Public Name

    Do not buy this lock, waste of money. I can open it with 2 different MasterLock keys from other older locks. Read more

  5. Steve S.

    Made from forged steel, fit well and covers the hitch. Easy to put on and take off. Anything can be broken or taken off if someone wants something bad enough. I looked at many other options, this one seems to be the most secure and difficult to remove without the key. Read more

  6. Nyan 😺

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Very simple but effective lock for the trailer. I recently purchased a small 5’x8′ trailer and wanted at least a lock so it deters (hopefully) most from trying to take off with the trailer. While we have security cameras, you can never have enough layers and redundancy. We don’t live in a high crime neighborhood but only takes that one thief to ruin your day. For the price, the security can’t be beat. I like the contrasting red against the black trailer. The lock mechanism is smooth and never had an issue with locking or unlocking plus the sliding ball area makes it very easy to use. Read more

  7. Troy E

    will not fit Jayco trailer. Read more

  8. The Reviewer

    So I bought 2 of these for my trailers. I put them on about a week ago. Yesterday I needed my trailer and even I couldn’t get it off. The lock was FROZEN after one night of 32 degrees. Ugg…go get the heat gun, go get an electrical cord and drag it out to the trailers. I couldn’t get the key in the lock, then I could not turn the lock and the lock was frozen to the trailer. So FYI, if you know your going to need your trailer, be prepared to thaw it out. Other wise, great lock to keep good guys out. Bad guys will find a way. Read more

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