Motor fashion four-layer four-season car (water-proof outside uv protection for heavy duty use complete automobile cover for trucks, suvs, crossovers as much as 185″)

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  • make sure this suits by means of getting into your model range.
  • distinguished brand – motor fashion’s very own multi-layer vehicle cover engineered to shield your car
  • bolstered cloth –multiple heavy-obligation layers with superior compounded comfort layer, breathable woven polyester & more
  • protection internal and out – sealed scratch-proof lining for the indoors & 100% water-proof, durable lining for the exterior
  • all conditions – maintain your car and paint against all rain, snow, sun, chook droppings, dirt/dust – approved for all season use (spring, summer, fall, winter)
  • well-known fit – made to suit snuggly on any and all trucks please test measurements before putting in
  • suit kind: car unique
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from the manufacturer

designed to defend

  • defend your suv/van and paint from uv rays, rain, dirt, dirt, chook, tree droppings
  • our breathable woven polyester prevents moisture build up and affords warmness and bloodless resistance
  • the internal layer is sealed with scratch-proof lining this means that you don’t ought to worry about the quilt leaving a mark
  • the exterior layer is product of one hundred% waterproof material ensuring protection from rain, snow chook/tree droppings
  • please take a look at our compatibility chart to make certain best fitment.

    product description

    defend your vehicle and paint from uv rays, rain, snow, dust, dust, fowl, tree droppings. This multilayer cowl brings many features that our competition don’t. Our breathable woven polyester prevents moisture building up and affords warmth and bloodless resistance. The inner layer is sealed with scratch-evidence lining because of this you don’t should worry about the quilt leaving a mark. The outdoors layer is product of a hundred% water-proof fabric ensuring protection from rain, snow hen/tree droppings. The heavy-responsibility layers created from durable substances assures no dirt or dust will taint your paint. Designed to in shape more than one versions of automobiles; please check our compatibility chart to make certain perfect fitment bdk: advanced first-class – top rate cloth – clean layout notice: for most reliable use of cover, please use automobile cover simplest when your vehicle is fully dry and easy. If your automobile is dusty or dirty, vehicle covers might also scratch or go away marks brought on from the debris inside the dust.


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    8 reviews for Motor fashion four-layer four-season car (water-proof outside uv protection for heavy duty use complete automobile cover for trucks, suvs, crossovers as much as 185″)

    1. amazon_princess

      UPDATED review for the replacement cover the company sent me after the original review below. The new cover looked and felt very similar– fit just as well. Had a printed logo rather than a stitched on logo. But this one did keep the rain out during a brief but very heavy thunderstorm, the first opportunity I had to see the cover in action. I’ve attached new photos, and the bit of water on the hood was dripped from the outer surface during uncovering. Under the cover it was sufficiently dry. So now I would recommend this product. Their customer service was excellent and I have a reasonably priced cover I can use for our jumbo Toyota Sienna Original review below: Either they sent me the wrong item, or the description is false and misleading. While the cover fit our 2018 Sienna well, it is not waterproof at all. First modest rain and the water soaked through immediately. Now it will freeze if I leave it on. Also, this does not even look or feel like “4 layers”. It is simply one layer of gray synthetic pseudo-fabric with heat-welded pores. UPDATE: The vendor has gone to great lengths to provide a replacement, and to allow me to return the original cover for inspection. Because the cover is for a car in another state, we haven’t been able to evaluate the replacement yet, but I do want to say that they have taken every possible measure to remedy the problem. So right now, increase to 3 stars– 5 for effort, but still not sure if I have a waterproof car cover. Read more

    2. Lawrence

      This product was completely lousy and I should get a full refund. This product completely dissolved within 4 month…completely torn apart, it’s like something that had been in the Sun for several years. product is defective do not buy! Subject to Southern California weather conditions. I would like a full refund. Read more

    3. Doug

      I bought the tarp to protect my Ford Escape from sap dripping from the pine trees. The tarp is easy to put on, but it tears very easily. I’ve had it less than 3 weeks and it already has torn in two places just from putting it on and taking it off. Read more

    4. JP

      This thing is junk. We just put it on, put the wire on to “lock” is and the ring ripped right threw the cover. Doesn’t fit right either. My fault for waiting so long to put it on from when I bought it. Hopefully it will even make it through the winter. Read more

    5. Joe S

      this is a joke of a product. It’s not weather resistant, let alone weatherproof. It doesn’t stand up to one summer, I can’t imagine what it would fair in the winter. You can tell from the photos that it’s completely delaminating. The cover was delivered in May, the photos were taken in August. I reached out to the manufacturer based on the instructions included with this joke of a product and haven’t received a response in over two weeks. Avoid wasting your money. Don’t trust this to protect your vehicle at all. Read more

    6. Steven T

      Update less than 90 days after after first use. Oh my, the inside part of the cover is falling apart, all the little fibers are going everywhere and I can not keep them off my car. I have tried everything. So not a long term cover. May work for occasional use but not for every week. I’ll see if I can return it. Maybe it was missing a coating or something. Hope I can get my money back. I have added a few pictures for reference. This is a very nice cover for my Volvo XC60 (2020) not hard to manage and easy to put on if you start at the front. Nice product Read more

    7. Never going in a store again :-)

      I bought this to cover our 2018 Ford Escape. It fits well, is water proof, and the leaves/tree debri just dusts right off. I am very satisfied! Read more

    8. Rosebroker

      I have a new Mustang and a 500 S Mercedes. I checked the length of the Mustang and it covered the car perfectly I did not check the length of the Mercedes buy purchased the big one, I just fit barley but fits none the less As to its function, we have not had rain yet but living close to the ocean, we get a ton of heavy mist, these covers kept the car dry as a bone. I recommend these to anyone. Price is more than fair and give the quality an 8.5 to 9.5 Lastly, it does come with a cable to tie down the top in case of heavy winds, I am not using it Read more

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