Nilight led rock light 4pcs red light pods water-proof underneath frame wheel well mild exterior indoors lights for car truck pickups atv utv suv motorbike boat, 2 years assurance

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  • remarkable fascinating light: each light employs 3pcs first-class led chips, outputs remarkable bright and strong mild. Capabilities better visibility and safety, additionally add an advantage of fascinating mild for your night time path
  • unique end: redesigned with a completely unique black coating end, get a nicer outlook and higher anti-scratching and anti-growing old capability
  • better warmness dissipation: instead of glue seal at the lower back, lighting fixtures are all in die-solid aluminum housing, efficaciously allows using warmth outdoor and cooling down the digital detail interior, gets a better safety and sturdiness, extending an extended lifespan
  • easy set up: get lighting seated on rubber pads, with wires coming out from the aspect, after which mount mild on the placement with screws and nuts provided. Rubber pad works on both flat and curved surface
  • universally in shape: operating voltage 10-32v dc, can paintings as outdoors light on any car or role. Consisting of automobile under glow lighting fixtures, wheel properly light, opposite/backup light, truck mattress mild, off-avenue lighting fixtures, machinery mild, creation lighting, forklift lighting, boat lights
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nilight is a well-known emblem that committed to offering modern, value-powerful and exceptional products. We had been specialized in automobile products and components for decades. Constant improvement and innovation is our eternal aim. Desire you should buy with pride here.

nilight 4pcs pink led rock mild pods

unmarried led rock light pods, designed for a multi- reason and relevant on various of positions. Paintings excellent for underneath glow/below frame lighting fixtures, wheel properly light, opposite/backup light, truck bed mild, off-street lighting, equipment light, construction lights, forklift lighting fixtures, boat deck light, ornament lights and so forth.

  • working voltage: 10-32v dc
  • theoretical led energy: 9w in line with light
  • led color: pink
  • cord gauge: 22awg; twine length: 14”
  • water-proof: ip67
  • cloth: die-solid aluminum, computer lens.
  • lifetime: 50,000 hours
  • package deal include: four x purple rock mild pods; four x rubber pad; four x hardware p. C.
  • key capabilities

    led chips and circuit board interior are best constructed for stable and vivid light output.

    to keep away from easy scratches and get nicer outlook, we used unique black coating end. Excessive high-quality to suits together with your car.

    all in die-solid aluminum housing, such as the back aspect. Receives better warmth dissipation, less viable dead light and extending longer lifespan.

    outside mild is absolutely sealed, plus double silicon ring seal interior. Lighting are ip67 water-proof, be ready for all weather factors.

    packages: broadly used on golf cart, atv, utv, suv, bike, boat deck, jeep, truck, tractor, excavators, forklift loading/unloading etc

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    nilight led rock light pods-4pcs broadly used on jeep, truck, atv, utv, suv, motorbike, boat, golf cart, tractor, excavators, forklift loading or unloading deck and so forth. Specs: working voltage: 10-32v dc theoretical led power: 9w in keeping with light real led strength: 9w consistent with light cord period: 14” water resistant: ip68 cloth: die-cast aluminum, pc lens lifetime: 50,000 hours bundle encompass: 4 x led rock mild pods four x rubber pad four x hardware percent.


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    8 reviews for Nilight led rock light 4pcs red light pods water-proof underneath frame wheel well mild exterior indoors lights for car truck pickups atv utv suv motorbike boat, 2 years assurance

    1. Sean Hammarstrom

      So I’m not to keen on ground lighting, nor do I need them for any “rock crawling” application. I have a 2004 Dodge Ram Cummins, which is not going crawling on any trails. I’ve been researching functional solutions to add under hood lighting that actually serves it’s purpose, rather than the tiny, halogen bulb that has less output than a candle.That being said, I looked into LED strips, then I came across these. The way they throw light would be perfect. I took a gamble on them and they work GREAT in their application. Now I can see when I work under the hood without trying to awkwardly put a light somewhere balanced at the perfect angle, or a flashlight in my mouth.I wired a on/off push button switch to activate them.They seem to have a sturdy construction too them, compact, and the rubber bumper that comes with them is nice for installing. Although, the bumper that came with them is rounded on the bottom, for mounting to a bar…there is no rubber bumper that is flat for mounting on flat surfaces, you would just have to mount the light to the surface, which would be an issue because you would need a hole in the surface for the wire to run through. They should have included a flat version of the rubber mount as well.Luckily for my application, the round ones worked fine since I was mounting them on the corners of sheetmetal radii. But, proof is in the photos, these things are extremely bright. No camera trickery here, shots were taken back to back. Although the shot with them off makes it look like it’s still light out, that was the camera tying to capture as much light as possible in the dusk. The photos of them lit up represents the true outside darkness.I can’t comment on longevity yet of these but they seem to be sturdy and for me at least, they will be out of the elements.Read more

    2. derek

      I bought a dozen of these lights in red to use for rock lights and to back light my grill. I haven’t finished the rock light position but I did finish the grill back lighting which I uploaded a photo of. I have these same lights in white already installed in the wheel wells. I don’t like the multi color sets that have wireless control via app or remote. I’m an analog kinda a guy. One switch turns on all the white rock lights and the other switch turns on all the red rock lights.Read more

    3. Oklamopar

      Purchased these to aid in vehicle leveling at camp when arriving after dark.Nice long leads. Heavy weight construction. Complete mounting hardware.Must use your own wiring, switch and relay.Will add installation video at later time.Read more

    4. Josh

      Well designed pieces, I had a set of cheap rgb lights that were cool, for the couple weeks that they actually worked, but these are so much nicer. The mounting backs have channels in them for routing the wires without putting added stress on them, the lights are a nice brightness, and the wire is of decent quality. The only thing you’ll need is wire to run to your own switch and an inline fuse. Nilight is definitely my go to for quality budget lighting.Read more

    5. Greythyr

      The rubber mount under the lights to help contour to the roll cage on my UTV are one of the best features. I used the blue only color, and found 8 pods to be more than abundant lighting. 2 in each wheel well. For wiring, I used a pulse bar on accessory with a 10 amp in line fuse. Each light has about 8″ of wire; so you definitely need to add to them and have some basic wiring skills. So far, so good – look like they’ll hold up well.Read more

    6. PapaJ

      These rock lights are very nice, delivered quickly and included all that was in the description. Easy to install but they, of course, needed a wiring harness and an allen wrench. The Nilight wiring harness and some spare wire did the trick. They are very bright and shed a really nice bright glow around the wheels. I had previously installed a Nilight 20 inch light bar with a Nilight wiring harness and it is also top notch! Highly recommended to light the night.Read more

    7. Terence

      Great little lights. They are perfectly bright. I mounted them on the bottom of my fifth wheel. Epoxy’d strong magnets to the back of the lights and stuck them to the frame. Super easy installation.Read more

    8. Alan

      Okay so the lights are brighter than I had thought which is amazing, installation was a bit of a hassle since my car isn’t lifted and well it’s a car lol it’s a project, haven’t taken pictures at night but love them so far wish there was a color shift option on them tho but satisfied!Read more

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