Opt7 frequent led spoiler rear spoiler lip kit (3. 9ft) for car trunk, exterior add-ons, brake mild, dark black, trunk spoiler, common in shape for roof, wing and smooth installation

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  • make certain this suits by using coming into your version range.
  • led brightness matched – our led’s are brightness matched to pair flawlessly with oem tail lights. Opt7 led customary spoiler can be used for stress tail and pinnacle wing.
  • flexible and durable – high flex weather resistant material. Bend, twist, and curve around any surface.
  • water-proof – excessive-density water-resistant cloth ensures your led spoiler is covered from wind/rain/snow and the elements.
  • easy set up – 5 minute setup and quick wiring. Clean to alter the placement and reduce an appropriate size to suit along with your vehicle. Opt7 offer lifetime technical support and offer 60-days warranty.
  • how to install – 1. Test your led spoiler first earlier than any final installation happens. 2. Degree the length of your trunk. Trim the spoiler to length. Three. Smooth the floor with isopropyl alchohol and a clear microfiber. 4. Rub the mounting region with the covered adhesive booster and permit dry for 15 secs. 5. Firmly press the led spoiler at the mounting location and keep for 3 secs. 6. Electricity the led spoiler and find your automobile’s corresponding wiring (please discover wiring info in our on line guide).
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  • cloth: high first-class bendy & long lasting polyurethane fabric
  • coloration: gloss black end
  • peak (product): 1. 2cm(0. 47inches)
  • period (product): 1. 2m(three. 9ft)
  • width (product): three. 5cm(1. 38inches)
  • weight (product): 850g
  • bundle included:

  • 1 x led universal spoiler
  • 2 x scotchlok
  • four x zip-ties
  • 1 x adhesive booster
  • how to deploy:

  • check fit your led spoiler first before any final set up happens.
  • degree the length of your trunk from trunk aspect to trunk edge. Trim the spoiler to length.
  • clean the floor wherein you propose on mounting the led spoiler with isopropyl alchohol and a clean microfiber fabric to ensure a company and lasting match. (failure to accomplish that can bring about a negative attachment surface and inproper mounting).
  • rub the mounting area with the blanketed adhesive booster and permit dry for 15 seconds.
  • firmly press the led spoiler on the mounting are and keep for three seconds.
  • energy the led spoiler and find your vehicle’s corresponding wiring (please locate wiring info in our on line manual).
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    Carbon Fiber, Dark Black

    8 reviews for Opt7 frequent led spoiler rear spoiler lip kit (3. 9ft) for car trunk, exterior add-ons, brake mild, dark black, trunk spoiler, common in shape for roof, wing and smooth installation

    1. Ricky R.

      Beautiful lights! Pairs up nicely with my Honda Civic Hatchback! Installation, mounting, and fit is easy! No drilling required for this one! I had to cut a little bit of the LED Spoiler off as it was a bit longer than what was needed. I also added an extra layer of 3M and used 3M Adhesive Promoter. Read more

    2. Glen G.

      I did not like this product. I wanted one to go on my rear spoiler, this is way to heavy, and bulky, and no flexibility to it, to wide and looks so stupid. I put it on my upper and rear window and the angle towards the rear wasnt there. Then i put it on my spoiler it looked stupid, to wide, to heavy and looked like a wantabe poor mans light bar. I found exactly what I wanted for my beautiful car. Alpena makes a 48″ led thin, flexible, a lot more discreet and smother looking, and adhesion is perfect. I For myself being a perfectionist for my car, I don’t recommend. Read more

    3. d2k13

      Attached it to a custom wing on my spoiler. Before install tested the led wired to 3rd led brake light and works (thanks to question answered. Unfortunately knocked a star off for adhesion. Within 4 hours I glance over on coffee table where spoiler is done ready for install tomorrow, and 1/3 of the led strip was hanging off spoiler. Fortunatly it wasn’t on a moving car/freeway. While its 3m adhesive, if clamps don’t keep it together by tomorrow it will need epoxy or further bolts (not included) drilled to keep it on. I trimmed the strip as instructed, so I will test that as well Read more

    4. jill

      it looks sooo nice on my car the only complaint i have is that it came cracked but i think that’s because of how they have it packaged Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      It was cool looking. Sent it back cause o didn’t like how the light hooked up. Every time you’d open truck you’d see cord. Read more

    6. Unfortunately I burned

      The adhesion is good and easy to install, but its price is high compared to the quality of the product and the picture shows you Read more

    7. Joa C

      I guess it was ok overall. The installation was a nightmare. The end with the wire came off and pullled the damn LED strip out and there is no way to get it back in, so I had to cut it and resoder the wire with those tiny pads for the conduction of each wire which was dumb…they sealed it with hot glue. Then the thing kept coming up off the trunk as the adhesion was weak. I had to make some adaptations but after I did I got it on, wired, and functional (and it doesnt have to blink if u wire it to only the side marker or constant brake lights, but use the light fused as “STOP” light to make it blink) regardless its an okay product with bad design and an ok installation product. Probably wouldn’t buy again but with the tape holding it down it looks good. Read more

    8. Emanuel Deoliveira

      Nice looking Read more

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