Otow aluminum license plate holder bracket with light mount for trailers trucks cars bikes

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  • make certain this suits by way of getting into your model number.
  • aluminum license plate holder bracket, 9. Five” x 5″ x zero. 6″, 1. 58mm thick, 2. 30 ozweight.
  • 2 top mounting holes 1. 5″ internal and 2. Four” outer distances. Backside license plate slots have 4″ inner and eight. Five” outer distances. Backside phase has zero. 6″ offset
  • robust rustproof aluminum alloy with diamond tread layout and brilliant polished floor
  • to be used with stud mount lights or aggregate tail lighting and stop lights
  • well matched with maximum trailers, consisting of motorcycle, boat, delivery, creation, snowmobile, and so on. Trailers
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product description

license plate bracket made with aluminum alloy, with a diamond tread design. Designed as a sturdier and greater aesthetically fascinating substitute to your factory plastic license plate holder. It has top mounting holes for stud mount tail lights. 1. 5″ inner and a pair of. 4″ outer distances, 2″ aside measuring from the center of holes. Bottom registration code slots have four” inner and eight. 5″ outer distances. Registration code phase has zero. 6″ ahead offset. May be used with aggregate tail, forestall, license lighting. Defensive blue movie on back and front surfaces to ensure perfect conditions upon transport. Well suited with most trailer lighting, consisting of motorcycle, boat, shipping, production, snowmobile, and so forth. Trailers.


Aluminum, Steel

8 reviews for Otow aluminum license plate holder bracket with light mount for trailers trucks cars bikes

  1. DoctorMasterBlaster

    Purchased this to replace a broken plastic license plate mount. This one is rock solid and angles the plate slightly rearward. Overall I am very happy with this. I was not going to lose a plate again by a plastic license plate mount breaking. Read more

  2. T. Kubala

    The boat repair shop managed to break the bracket on our boat trailer and then they also lost the license plate. After getting a new plate and attaching this to the boat trailer it fit and works great. It is actually sturdier than the one that was originally on the boat trailer when we bought the boat. We have no problems with it when we are loading and unloading the boat at the ramp. Good product. Read more

  3. El Andy

    My trailer included a plastic license plate bracket, and the license plate is mounted behind the wheel and low to the ground. It was only a matter of time before it broke and the license plate would be lost. I looked for a metal replacement. This fit the bill. Good quality. It fit well, does what it’s supposed to, and it’s metal. Read more

  4. Will Hanners

    I ordered this bracket after I lost my tag. Lowes and Tractor Supply sell utility trailers with plastic mounts and my tag broke off somewhere along the highway. I feel confident this bracket will serve me well in the years to come. Read more

  5. Gary P.

    I bought this to replace the flimsy plastic license plate holder that came on my trailer. The second time I used the trailer the license plate and holder disappeared. I wanted something very sturdy to put the replacement license plate on. This holder did the job. Easy to install in the stock location and it’s not moving. Highly recommend. Read more

  6. andrew

    Worked perfect on my equipment trailer. Original plate bracket I had was the plastic one that was supplied with the lights and worked for a year till, luckily I noticed when on a trip that the plastic plate bracket was about 90% broken and was about to let go. Zip tied it up for the ride home. Ordered and installed this bracket and it’s 110x better than any other I’ve ever put on and more importantly puts your mind at ease that your not going to loose your license plate on the road in another state!! Read more

  7. Candy Man

    I bought a trailer that had a plastic license plate bracket it broke off and lost my plate in less than 200 miles the first trip was 186 miles don’t know it broke off in the last 40 miles of trip when I saw it last. This bracket will not brake off it is Steel. Easy install if you have a plastic plate holder replace it with this one. Read more

  8. Anonymous Customer

    I bought my trailer at Tractor Supply, and it’s a Carry-On brand 5×8. At some point I stood too far to the back of the trailer, and it tilted and broke the plastic license plate frame that came with the trailer. This replacement is solid steel, and is the perfect replacement for the OEM plastic piece of junk. Read more

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