Oxgord 7 layer waterproof vehicle covers w/fleece inner lining – suits as much as 204 inches – heavy responsibility all climate vehicle accessories for cars in & outdoor vehicle cover protection

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  • ensure this fits
  • by using coming into your version range.
  • 7 layer hard outside protection mixed with unrivaled gentle fleece inner lining
  • water-evidence w/reinforced seams yet breathable, long lasting, with multi-layer outer shell provides uv safety
  • suits up to 204″ from the front to rear w/elastic hems & draw strings to make sure a snug semi glove healthy
  • includes storage bag, tie down grommets for delivered security against high winds and antenna patch
  • money returned assure and we mean it. In case your no longer satisfied we’ll send you a substitute or your money back
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product description

oxgord geared up-fit covers are known as semi glove healthy since they’re designed to offer a very good healthy the usage of incremental sizing you ll find geared up-healthy covers quite simply to be had at maximum automotive shops, in up to 7 exceptional stages of safety our wide form of styles offers an amazing semi glove in shape


Cars up to 168", Cars up to 180", Cars up to 204", Cars up to 216", Cars up to 229"

8 reviews for Oxgord 7 layer waterproof vehicle covers w/fleece inner lining – suits as much as 204 inches – heavy responsibility all climate vehicle accessories for cars in & outdoor vehicle cover protection

  1. mic

    There is a2017 challenger under the cover I bought. I was worried about getting a cover that would not scratch my finish and would prevent water from getting through. This is great. It has a soft liner that protects the paint and lets no water through it. I puddled water on it and got zero leakage. It also ties on so that high winds will not pull it off. I believe it is a fantastic buy for the price but I would expect the price to go up once they start getting great reviews so it would be a good idea to get this before thaty happens. I was offered a gift to review this but I wanted this review to come from me and only me.I read a review where someone got a lock with thiers. I did not get a lock but you could add a lock if you wanted to.Read more

  2. joe

    Review Update: Cover is now brittle and cracking after 1 Summer and leaks throughout top part.DON’T BUY!Read more

  3. Steve

    Not happy! Purchased in April 2019 and within 2 months the car cover threads are coming apart resulting in the cover opening up in one spot and threads coming apart in another! I was super bummed based upon the good reviews I had read! Hoping the company stands behind their product for warranty replacement.Read more

  4. Gerry S.

    Can’t complain about the quality of this cover! However the sizing guide in the online description is whacked, in my opinion, since I ordered a cover for “cars up to 180 inches long”. Our car is 176″ long. So I figured a little loose maybe. Yikes! Could get another third of a car under there. Also it includes one cheap cord for a tie down so you might want to expect to use some types of weights to loop through the grommets.Read more

  5. Pragmatic

    Several things – this car cover is unlike any car cover we have purchased.1. This is not the usual unwoven/bonded, breathable car cover material “Evolution” and its thinner clones that will chalk (powder), and eventually tear with extended UV exposure. It is more like a heavy-duty coated patio/BBQ grill cover. I can see this cover degrading at the end of a year or two. There are almost *NO* products out there that can stand up to sun, UV, and wind damage over the course of a year or two.2. The underside fleece is much softer than the photos indicate which is a good thing – protects paint from scratches. the entire cover fabric feels very soft pliable.3. The outer material is a soft, flexible, raincoat-like, or similar to heavy-duty patio grill/furniture covers, PVC coating with a very fine crosshatch cloth-like texture/appearance, accurately pictured in one close up photo vendor supplied. See supplied photo.4. The cover is quite heavy and is shipped in a vacuum-compressed sealed bag to reduce volume to about 25% of what it would be in an uncompressed car cover box. be very careful opening the vacuum bag so you do not cut/damage the cover.5. It is a uniform dark gray in color.6. Outdoor durability is unknown as this will be used for durable indoor storage to protect against dust and sun. Our many decades of experience is that UV destroys any car/truck/RV cover fabric given enough time, and that typical bonded, unwoven car covers will dust/chalk/and tear with sun and wind exposure. This cover is coated, and the underside is a soft, unwoven fleece.7. We strongly recommend against putting this cover on a wet vehicle, or if underside of cover is wet. as this moisture will likely damage the vehicle’s paint. This cover is waterproof but not “breathable.”8. The seams on the cover are double sewn, folded-over seams like on the inseams on a typical pair of denim jeans (see photo). They are however not sealed/taped like a camping tent or rainproof poncho.9. Cover comes with a nice storage bag made of the same material as the cover.10 Comes with a light duty tie down (under) cord also an antenna patch but cover is NOT returnable if antenna hole is cut or grommet patches are installed in the cover, or if the cover is soiled, or has tire marks on it.11. For the price, this appears to be a good cover, it’s not cheap but it’s also not a typical $39 cover that will tear in the first windstorm and chalk/dust/tear with a few months of UV exposure. Again we’re using this cover indoors, under cover for dust, grit, and scratch protection.Read more

  6. ohfred

    Great value. My prior cover to this one was similar material but it was a custom fit and cost several hundred dollars. The strap on the front and back help hold the cover down.. we’ve had a few windy days and it’s stayed on with no problems. It repels water much better than I had expected.Read more

  7. Noely

    The cover arrived yesterday, and fits quite well on my 2009 Mustang convertible: about 2 inches off the ground along the sides, and fully covers front and rear bumpers, where it is held in place by elastic. My main concern, having a convertible but no garage, is rain and sun rotting the top. Today we had absolutely torrential rain and wind here in Daytona Beach, Florida, the car is dry, and the wind did not move the cover an inch. Only question now is how long it will last. That is, we get occasional freezes here in Daytona, and blazing sun 9 months each year. Seems to be well made, and as noted above, it is definitely not lightweight. Initially, I am pleased with the cover, and will report later as to durability. Not sure if I will use the antenna patch/cut-out, because it is easy enough to unscrew the antenna before installing the cover.Read more

  8. TMooreKajiwara

    This fits perfectly on my ’14 Lexus GS300. I live in Arizona and it can get extremely windy here, but it’s stayed on with just the front and rear clips; I haven’t needed the twine for the middle. When I take it off, my black interior is nice and cool, even though it’s been in the 80s here lately. I may update when it gets around 110 degrees, though.I have no complaints, it seems to be doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Which, for me, is protect my paint from the crazy, hot Arizona sun.Read more

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