Partsam led truck mattress mild strips 8pods 6-5050-smd white led rear work box lighting kit water-resistant led bed mild for truck pickup cargo trailer rvs

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  • make sure this suits through coming into your version wide variety.
  • partsam ( white ) truck mattress lights kit includes 8 pods, each pod has 6leds and forty eight vivid white smd leds in overall. 2ft (60cm) between every pods; 21ft (640cm) for power twine length in keeping with strand.
  • keeping you secure in riding – come with on-off transfer, allowing you manipulate the pods and make certain your energy protection in driving; light up your truck with a turn of a switch!
  • waterproof & durable led lighting – it handed waterproof take a look at and ip67 sealed housing, well protects led pods against rain drops, snow, dirt and sand, awesome long lasting and flexible with up to 30,000 hrs lifespan
  • clean to insall – the dependable 3m adhesive may be sincerely peeled to stick on any clean surface in seconds, plus, more unfastened screws are covered to assist to reinforce the installation; the brass give up is package floor, the middle stop is 12 volt strength source , and the 1/3 cease is power for switch
  • installed everywhere with 12v power supply- 21ft led 8pods, rated 12v, ultra lengthy for cargo / pickup / camper / garage / rv boats awning lighting fixtures or family birthday party ornament. Word:14. 5v and 16v voltage that could result in burnout!
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  • does it include the crimson rocker activate one of the diagrams
  • question: does it include the purple rocker turn on one of the diagrams solution: sure it does come with the package and the transfer lighting fixtures up whilst on ,i really like that also with the aid of joe bukofsky on february 17, 2016 didn’t get solutions. See more solutions (2) fall apart all solutions

  • what’s the quality manner to mount the transfer?
  • question: what is the great way to mount the switch? Solution: i twine them at once to my cab light !! However you can wire it to you switch anywhere you need at the back or sides of the bed by using bigmommanm5 on march 10, 2016 crumble all solutions

  • will it fit ford 2500 1996
  • question: will it match ford 2500 1996 solution: just run a hot leed to the mattress of the truck and that i put my lights below the mattress rail . Plus i’ve a cap and those lighting fixtures are so shiny , nicely well worth it to me. With the aid of joe bukofsky on november 20, 2017 disintegrate all answers

  • will led bar lighting fixtures package match 1996 ford 2500
  • query: will led bar lights kit fit 1996 ford 2500 answer: there’s no light bar.. That is a string of very vibrant led bulbs.. No bar.. However you may installation in the bed of any pickup.. Small person squares contain the bulbs.. Screw the squares to the lining and deploy the switch they paintings best and are very vivid.. I’m very happy.. I purchased my brother a fixed also for his pickup by way of marvin on november 20, 2017 did not get solutions. See extra solutions (1) collapse all answers



    8 reviews for Partsam led truck mattress mild strips 8pods 6-5050-smd white led rear work box lighting kit water-resistant led bed mild for truck pickup cargo trailer rvs

    1. Brian

      The lights aren’t super bright but they add just the right amount of light. They are a pain to install (if you do it right) and one thing you should remember black is the ground and black with white stripe is positive. To tell you about my install, I ran the lights through the small holes under the rail. That hid all the wires. I ran the wiring in the two rear square holes (tie down area) on the bed. Mine has covers. This is also where I stored the switch. I then ran all wires down to the area where my 7pin connects under the truck. I pulled out my 7 pin and spliced into the 12v red and black wire. I also added and inline 20amp fuse for safety. Ran one side and power to the tie down square hole where my switch is and completed the circuit. Right and left lights go into one lead and power on the other. Check out pics of you have questions. Read more

    2. Erielack

      These lights are junk. There are two sets of four pods, each with six lights. Of the first set I installed one pod had two light up, next had one light light up, the third had five light up ( wow!), and the last had four light up. Over half of the lights did not light up. The second set had four, five, two and four light up. I had already installed them and wired them when I found out they did not completely work. Unfortunately I missed the return window. These are junk!!!! Read more

    3. Walter McCue

      Okay, so these things are neat and really easy to install. I already installed a switch in my cab and ran a power wire to the underside of the bed. I grounded both negative wires together to the chassis and crimped both power wires to my 14 gauge power wire. On half the light pods, one to two of the LEDs do not light up. I’ve double checked my ground and everything looks good so I think it is these lights but I’m not taking them out after doing all that work. Read more

    4. Stanward S. M. Oshiro

      Very bright LED lights that appear to be waterproof. Each cluster is potted with flexible epoxy, in hopes of preventing moisture ingress. I have this set mounted on the inside of my camper shell, so I doubt they will ever get wet. I will purchase a second set for my other pickup truck. Read more

    5. The Mechanic

      I think it is a great product. The installation can be as good or easy as you want to make it. I chose good as I could make it, but I am a retired electrician. I came from the battery with a fuse link to a set of 5 toggle switches located in the bed toolbox. So I have a switch for each side of the bed and in the toolbox. The lights are very bright and work great. I would recommend them to anyone who needs lights in or on their truck. Read more

    6. JBB

      This comes with almost everything you need to install the lights, but no female clips to attach the wires to the switch. The instructions included with the product indicate that there should be clips but the seller replied that they are not supposed to be included. This meant an extra trip to pick up 2 female clips at the hardware store, so minus a star for not being a complete kit. Other than that the lights are easy to install and work well so far. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      Lights are just as described. The brightness of them is spot on. Only criticism is the double stick tape behind them is not as strong as advertised. Had to use a little hot glue for it to stick properly. Would definitely recommend . You can see The bed of the truck without the lights on then with them on as well in the pictures. Read more

    8. wes473

      Fantastic and inexpensive LED lights that don’t pull much power! this is the second set of installed on a truck bed under the bed rails and wired off the hot lead from the trailer wires. I wish they would come with an inline fuse holder to complete the kit but not a big deal Read more

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