Ratchet tie down straps – 4 pk – 15 ft- 500 lbs load cap- 1500 lb destroy strength- cambuckle alternative- shipment straps for shifting appliances, lawn gadget, bike – includes 2 bungee wire

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  • make certain this fits through coming into your model range.
  • tie down some thing with self assurance % of [4] 15 feet ratchet strap tie downs provides durable, reliable security for transporting a variety of small & massive gadgets including motorbike, canoe, kayak, atv, containers, boats, furnishings, garden gadget, heavy machinery & different cargo thru truck bed, trailer or roof rack
  • bold 1,500 pound ruin electricity function tremendous fabric & extra stitching for indestructible performance, even if maneuvering loads amidst harsh wind & excessive motion official load potential is 500 lbs per ratchet with tremendous 1,500-lb spoil electricity
  • clean ergonomic handles & ‘s’ hooks comfortable all varieties of ordinary-fashioned stuff without traumatic approximately negative gear or sensitive automobile clean-grip ratcheting mechanisms provide extremely good manage, consolation & hold close, while premium s hooks are rubber covered to prevent chipped paint, marks & dents
  • quick-release latch for immediate 1” bendy webbing adapts & locks into location instantly whilst equipped to sell off, pull the black spring-loaded handles for a smooth, fast release exquisite choice for movers, landscapers, boaters, extreme recreation hobbyists, camp fanatics, production, tree elimination & towing
  • 2 bungee cords for convenience kit includes a couple of bungee tie downs for securing handlebars, wheels, extra elements & other free gear at some stage in travel this portable, area-saving ratchet tie down strap set anchors something & fits discreetly for your car trunk, pickup truck mattress, paintings van, trailer, rv or storage
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  • how wide are the straps 1 inch 1. Five inches or 2 inches?
  • question: how wide are the straps 1 inch 1. Five inches or 2 inches? Solution: 1 inch by jbmshobe on may additionally 7, 2018 collapse all solutions

  • does everyone understand if these could work to tie down a yeti cooler to a truck mattress?
  • query: does anybody recognize if those would paintings to tie down a yeti cooler to a truck bed? Answer: yes, that must be possible if your truck bed has anchors to hook onto on the floor of your truck bed. Right here is an easy manner to apply them: https://youtu. Be/85wto28onsq with the aid of jamy on january 9, 2019 didn’t get solutions. See more solutions (1) collapse all solutions

  • would those be suitable for securing a 24 toes extension ladder to the roof rack of an suv?
  • query: could those be appropriate for securing a 24 feet extension ladder to the roof rack of an suv? Solution: sure. Suppose they maintain 500lbs. Simply make sure you tie ladder to the front bumper through steve yong on april 14, 2018 failed to get solutions. See extra solutions (three) collapse all answers

  • might this work with a wheelchair van to stabilize the chair when traveling ?
  • query: might this work with a wheelchair van to stabilize the chair while touring ? Answer: the strap portion in all fairness long. You could probably trim that down, but it nonetheless would require a bit of ratcheting to get it tight. This is, if you have to string it thru a part of the chair, then thread it into the ratchet mechanism, then crank it a piece to get it proper … Via richard ok. Davis on january 31, 2017 did not get answers. See greater solutions (1) crumble all solutions


    4 Pack & 2 Bungee Cords, 4 Pack & 4 Soft Loops

    8 reviews for Ratchet tie down straps – 4 pk – 15 ft- 500 lbs load cap- 1500 lb destroy strength- cambuckle alternative- shipment straps for shifting appliances, lawn gadget, bike – includes 2 bungee wire

    1. J in TN

      This arrived last Thursday. Saturday I strapped kayaks and other stuff down to the trailer in the photo and we drove 8 hours from TN to NC beach. It rained once on the way there. When we arrived this is what the straps looked like, two had begun to fray or tear and one had rusted. I have another pair of ratchets from another company I need to find out who that are 10yrs old that aren’t even like these after 3 days. I’m returning these to find something else I have no idea how this has so many positive reviews and is recommended by amazon. Read more

    2. Nick

      Do not buy these straps. We have been moving and wanted to have a few extra ratchet straps so against my husband’s opinion we bought straps on Amazon and worst decision ever. Before we used these straps we used some from our local hardware store to transport our 800 four wheeler with no problems and decided to use these straps to tie down some outdoor chairs. We tied them down fine and got on the road and not even 5 minutes into our trip heard a big pop and saw that one of the straps had busted off. The ratchet part had completely fell apart and the strap had broken as well. We tied it to the trailer just so we could get it to our destination just for it to fully break and we had to stop again. Then we just winged it since we were only going 20 minutes down the road. Needless to say we will not be purchasing straps here again. You’re better off getting straps at your local hardware store and paying more just to have piece of mind that your stuff won’t be left on the side of the highway! Read more

    3. J Walters

      I’m guessing this will be one of your best reviews ever. I live in Orlando, Florida and I have two bee hives in my backyard. When news first broke about hurrican Irma, I went into panic mode and tried to figure out how to help my bees survive a hurricane. I ordered these ratchet straps so I could strap the hive boxes together and make sure the top lid was securely kept on. I also decided to use rope to stake the vibes into the ground. I didn’t sleep a wink the night Irma came through. The winds were more intense then anything I had ever experienced. I kept saying “my bees are going to be destroyed!” every time a patch of hurricane force winds hit the house. The next morning I walked out into the backyard and saw two 50 ft trees that had been destroyed (one snapped in half, the other totally blown over) and tons of tree debris all over the yard….much to my surprise my bee hives were standing tall!!!! I couldn’t believe it. These straps were awesome and so easy to use. That morning, the straps were just as tight and solid as they were when we first put them on. Thank you for helping to save my bees!! (I posted 2 pics, one is before hurricane Irma & the 2nd one is the morning after Irma.) Read more

    4. R. T. Guthrie

      The straps between the hooks and the ratchets are far too short. They work if you have something to hook to – like an eye bolt, angle iron, an edge of something, etc., but if you need to wrap it around something to hook back on the strap – forget it. They’re too short I rented a cargo trailer this weekend that had few interior hooks but it did have 3″ wooden slats mounted on the interior walls. Because the straps at the ratchet were too short to wrap around the slats and hook the strap, I had to stop and go into town to buy a set that had longer straps. Nice straps, but their use is limited by a short-sighted design. Read more

    5. Robinson Vacuum Tanks

      We just tried using (2) of these straps and the webbing on both SNAPPED! Imagine what would’ve happened if we trusted this on a load going down the highway at 55+MPH?! Now I will say we’ve bought these in the past and had nothing EVER go wrong with them. But (2) packaged together this time?!?! Read more

    6. Smi_Gi

      I bought these because of the price and hadn’t thoroughly looked into the load capacity.. I was going for a budget friendly option that would work for carrying appliances in my truck bed securely and bought ahead of time, however, if you are looking for a one-and-done option, it’d be better to go ahead and invest in a heavy duty ratchet strap. I was even more dissatisfied when I saw a four pack of heavy duty straps for $21 dollars at Lowes the other day and bought a single 3000 lb break strength Husky heavy duty strap for $10 the other day (that is what I ended up using to carry the appliance on the 50+ mile journey). Read more

    7. Logan

      I bought these straps based on the many positive reviews, but when I used them for the first time, I could not have been more disappointed. I wanted to use these for strapping my kayak to the roof of my car. I kayak 3-4 times a week, so I need durable ratchets that can handle constant use. These DID NOT work for this purpose. On the first trip with them, the first ratchet bent as I was tightening it and I could not repair it. The others worked for a week or two, but after that, the mechanism on one completely fell apart. I spent 30 minutes on the side of the highway trying to repair the spring/button which locks the strap so I could go home. Maybe I got a bad batch, but I have used plenty of straps and will never touch the remaining two “working” straps again. Read more

    8. Holly1621

      To be fair, I drove across country from LA to PA with belongings strapped to the top of my ca. During the trip, one latch broke…I tied to together and bought some boungee cords to help keep items in place and prayed. But thankfully everything made it safely. The handles on 2 of them were damaged after the trip. Only one functioned appropriately afterwards. But based on how the other 3 held up, I tossed it too. I didnt want to chance that stress again. The bungee cords that came with the kit where even cheaper. None of them even made it half way…. Read more

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