Rightcar answers faultless silicone license plate body – rust-evidence. Rattle-evidence. Weather-evidence. – black

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  • make certain this suits by entering your model wide variety.
  • ✔ rust-proof. Rattle-proof. Climate-evidence. – experience the silence! Industrial-grade premium first-rate silicone. Immune to rust and deformation. Water and ice safety. Our frames have drainage holes that launch water. Your plates will by no means tarnish, ice over or lose shape. No matter how bloodless it gets.
  • ✔ a hundred% avenue criminal – zero license plate obstruction. Zero sticker obstruction. Force safe and don’t get stopped with the aid of the police.
  • ✔ patented design – specific proprietary design. Wonderful production. Even edges and surfaces. Ideal suit for any preferred-problem plate.
  • ✔ 6 juicy solid-shade alternatives – beautiful like you wouldn’t consider. Best for the discerning vehicle owner. Offers your vehicle a better appearance!
  • ✔ guarantee – if our frames do not match your car, otherwise you do not like them, otherwise you understand you don’t need them after all, we can refund you a hundred% of your money back – no questions asked.
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  • when will black be to be had?
  • query: when will black be to be had? Answer: black is to be had now! By kiki on december eight, 2018 didn’t get answers. See more answers (five) collapse all answers

  • why is black taking for all time? Can i have your e-mail for updates?? 🙁
  • question: why is black taking for all time? Can i have your e mail for updates?? 🙁 answer: i just located their email address. Appears to be data@rightcarsolutions. Com through d on november 30, 2018 failed to get solutions. See more solutions (2) collapse all solutions

  • whilst are the black ones coming back?
  • query: whilst are the black ones coming back? Solution: “in stock on may additionally four, 2019” by using maximiner on april 29, 2019 did not get answers. See more answers (1) disintegrate all solutions

  • is there any potential for moisture from rain or car washing to get trapped between the frame and the automobile?
  • query: is there any capability for moisture from rain or automobile washing to get trapped among the body and the car? Solution: we designed our registration code body with the drainage holes within the bottom in order that moisture does not get trapped inside. If you screw it tight, there is no danger water can get among the lower back aspect of the license plate body and the auto. By using rightcar solutions seller on september 17, 2018 didn’t get answers. See extra answers (3) crumble all solutions


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    8 reviews for Rightcar answers faultless silicone license plate body – rust-evidence. Rattle-evidence. Weather-evidence. – black

    1. Christina Kelley

      A little on the orange side of red, but it will do for the time being. Stopped the rattling on the license plate. Update- had for less than six months, completely faded to a white/orange. Car is garaged, not a daily driver. Read more

    2. iK

      I do like these and bought two of them, but for a piece of silicone they are a bit overpriced or the value just isn’t there. The edges lift up too much and allow dirt and grime to get underneath, which lifts them up even more. Needs constant cleaning. If they fix that and the price, then they have a winner. Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      Just be sure you order two of ’em, because only one comes in a pack. The material that it’s made of is durable, of great quality, and does everything that’s stated in the explanation. I really like how tight of a fit it gets around the plate, and considering it prevents any scratches or rattles is why I went with it in the first place. Color-wise, I wanted black, but couldn’t wait any longer. The blue matches my car, and looks better than I expected. Read more

    4. Ronald K.

      Nice, clean look. Be careful installing. The sharp edge of the plate can slice into the soft silicone. After slipping the edges over the bottom and sides of my plate I used a plastic bicycle tire tool and worked my way along the top of the plate popping the top side of the frame into place. Read more

    5. Jeffrey Brown

      I’ve been looking for a slim white license plate frame for the longest time and this one is perfect! Doesn’t make a sound when I close the trunk and the plate fits perfectly in the frame! Really love it and I’ll probably order another for the front. Thanks for making a great product! Read more

    6. AverageGuy

      Nice quality. Took about 5 minutes to get the frame around the plate, but was really pretty easy. Looks so much better that the black metal frame I was using. Do make sure that you install the frame correctly on the plate with the drain holes facing the bottom. Looks really nice and the whole plate is visible meaning I can add stickers without having to remove the frame. I cannot report on durability since I just installed it, but I think it should wear well. Nice that now there is no chance of a rattle. Great investment. Read more

    7. Bobby

      I hate the product and will not dignify the effort of returning it. Certainly, I should have paid more attention to the earlier reviews. The silicone plate does not stay on properly once the plate is on the vehicle. It juts out at the bottom and will not sit flush on the license plate. Read more

    8. Anthony Tsai

      I ordered the white one and it does look very sleek with the white California plate installed in it. However, I think the size of the frame could be a little larger. It took quite some effort to wedge in the plate (It fits like how smartphone goes in those TPU cases). Hopefully that the tension doesn’t cut through the silicone sometimes down the road. I would suggest to sand the sharp edges of the plate before installing. Read more

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