Rydonair antenna like minded 13 inches bendy rubber antenna alternative

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  • make sure this fits
  • by using entering your model range.
  • vehicle fitment: chevrolet silverado colorado avalanche suburban & gmc sierra denali terrain canyon
  • high excellent: lets in form memory so antenna springs again into shape while bent. This antenna is fabricated from top rate rubber that could sustain below severe weather situations.
  • fashionable searching:the low profile 13” antenna can improve the appearance of your chevrolet & gmc vans by changing your 31” lengthy steel antenna. The actual carbon fiber column on the lowest offers extremely good searching and additionally facilitates the bottom retaining onto the mount. Besides, the antenna is short enough that you don’t have any want to fear approximately the antenna scrapping your storage door any extra!
  • reception overall performance: through heaps of experiments, we worked out the most suitable structure for brief antennas that plays higher in reception on both am or fm bands. Compare with the other quick antenna with everyday structure, our 13” antenna is a lot in the direction of the oem antenna in reception. In case you’re not happy with the overall performance, just virtually go back it and we will have you complete refund!
  • easy installation: no tool wanted, the antenna can be easily screwed onto your antenna base within seconds.
  • guarantee policy: we guarantee and update any that destroy inside 1 complete year from buy date.
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product description

now not just pretty and ornamental!

sturdy signal

after lots of experiments, we have worked out the quality shape for quick antenna on reception. Examine to the opposite brief antennas, the sign of rydonair thirteen” antenna is a lot higher!

the jacket of the rydonair antenna is manufactured from premium rubber which can maintain under extreme weather conditions.

the carbon fiber column on the bottom facilitates the bottom protecting onto the mount and also offers fashionable looking.

flexible fabric in the antenna which permits shape memory so antenna springs lower back into form in an immediately when bent.

about us

our group have been engaged in auto components, especially within the field of antenna for greater than five years before the rydonair become founded in 2017. We most effective design and make what we’re excellent at. Hoping you may like our professional products and advanced carrier !


13 Inches


Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Ford F150, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Wrangler Red, Toyota Tundra

8 reviews for Rydonair antenna like minded 13 inches bendy rubber antenna alternative

  1. Curt Watson

    Okay so I have waited 3 weeks to write my review on this antenna just so it would be most accurate. I’ve tested this out in a few different areas and I get great reception. No issues that I can find. I bought this beacuse my stock antenna kept hitting my garage door and roof when pulling in and out. This one has no Clearance problems. I 100% recommend it.Read more

  2. Joseph

    After reading reviews on “The Stubby” and its multiple counterfeit copies that are running rampant on Amazon with their significant reception issues and fitment problems, I decided to give Rydonair a try. I am thoroughly impressed with the reception, fitment, and the sturdiness of the product.The product does not cause a whistle at high speeds like some of its similar-length competitors, it retains 90% of its reception quality and distance in both city and back country applications, and it fits more flush to the body than my OEM antenna did. Lastly, I love the 2×2 carbon fiber wrap they provided around the base of the antenna as it matches perfectly with my Raptor’s interior carbon fiber package. Sometimes, it’s the little things that show how much a company cares.And above all else, now I can back into my garage without snagging my antenna on the garage door! Well done, Rydonair! I’ll be looking for more products from you folks in the near future.Read more

  3. Joshua Hodgson

    This is my second antanne I’ve bought, I almost went back to the metal whip but I gave this a chance because of the reviews and holy cow this things picks up stations! No joke, i had trouble finding fm stations here in rural Indiana with my stock antanna but somehow this thing seems like it’s picking more up and ALOT cleared too! And it looks so sleek. Don’t look any father if you can’t decide which one to get.Read more

  4. M. White

    I purchased this for my 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK.Easy to change out. Looks fabulous. Picks up tons of stations!!! What’s there not to like?All the other stubby antennas I found got terrible reviews for reception (which in the era of satellite radio and Bluetooth music is not really a big deal), but this one actually had good reviews for reception and they’re right. I get more stations with this antenna than in other cars with standard antennas.Love it!Read more

  5. HoustonTexansfan

    Unscrew the original which was hitting my garage opening and screw on this one, how easy can it be? Looks great on my new F-150 and just took it on a trip from Houston to Dallas, where the reception was better than on my other vehicles and lasted at least 40 more miles outside Houston. When returning, I didn’t lose Dallas stations until 100 miles out, which is better than I’ve ever had. Well worth the money.Read more

  6. T. Simm

    My only concern is that the stud will be difficult to remove without stripping. Other than that, no more hitting the ceiling in parking garages and my garage. I live in the DC area so this was a daily occurrence. Also, I’m not cool enough to have a raptor but it fits just fine on a regular old F150.Update -5/6/18. I ran a test with this antenna vs the stock about 15 miles from town, it picked up a total of 5 stations 15 miles from downtown DC! Versus about 20 for my stock antenna. It looks cool and not hitting garage ceilings is cool, but you can’t beat physics. A bigger antenna can pull in way more. Sadly, I am returning this item.Read more

  7. JJ

    Works great. Can’t tell the difference between the stock Antenna. Have a 2018 JL unlimited Rubicon. The 13” looks really nice on the body of the Jeep. Screwed in so easy. Perfect fit I’ll say. Very happy. Live in the suburbs of Austin TX area called Round Rock and pick of all the stations clearly. Very impress for the amount of quality you get for under $20 dollars. the adapter between the plastic and metal is a carbon fiber looking. Wanted to point that out. Its blends in well with a black color Jeep but may not with other colors. Hope this helps.Read more

  8. Article V

    I ordered this after reading many reviews. I also knew what I was getting into with a shorter antenna. I needed a shorter antenna that would not get snagged by low branches and spring back into my windshield and fiberglass Freedom Tops. Looks great. Fits great. Easy to install. And, I have noticed a bit of audio interference when listening to my local stations – but I expected it. This all deals with wavelengths and receiving angles/distances/signal strength. Short wavelength = shorter antenna. Longer wavelengths require longer antennae. My stock antenna is in my garage if I ever want to switch back. As a satellite radio listener 80% of the time – I’m good. Don’t expect perfect reception if you install a shorter antenna – it’s simple physics.Read more

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