Tecoom brilliant heavy obligation multiple layers suv cover all weather water-proof windproof reflective snow solar rain uv protecting outside with buckles and belt suit 196-210 inches suv

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  • multilayer safety: made using a mixture of more than one heavy-obligation layers of fabric that has a easy leather-like feel which coupled with the soft fleece layer gives your automobile with the proper protection all through the 12 months in every season even as retaining your motors sensitive finish safe
  • multilayer protection: made the usage of a mixture of more than one heavy-responsibility layers of cloth that has a clean leather-like feel which coupled with the tender fleece layer presents your automobile with the right safety in the course of the yr in every season whilst maintaining your automobiles sensitive end safe
  • reflective polyester coating: we use a reflective urethane coating to deliver you a complete length vehicle cowl that offers dependable safety in opposition to water and uv rays. Water slides down as soon as it hits the reflective polyester cover cloth along with preventing uv rays from passing through
  • stays accurately in location: if you’re tired of strong winds blowing away your vehicle covers then this uv protection reflective vehicle cover is precisely what you want. Instead of the use of tough to open zippers, we use stronger and sturdier belts and buckles that maintain the auto covers properly and firmly locked in area no matter how windy it gets
  • 100% patron pride: we stand via the great of our merchandise and this climate evidence vehicle cover is not any exception. This is why we offer a 30 day go back or replace assurance if there are any defects in fabric or workmanship
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about tecoom

at tecoom, we’ve been manufacturing car covers on the grounds that 1994 to convey you safety on your automobile that’s each realistic and practical. Everybody is aware of that exposure to the sun and elements can damage your car in no time that’s why we combine cautiously chosen materials with a weatherproof design to carry you a water resistant, weatherproof and scratch-resistant vehicle cover.

tecoom vehicle covers are designed to provide dependable year-spherical protection on your vehicle. Whether it be the new rays of the solar, snow within the center of wintry weather or rain, our car covers will make sure your automobile remains secure the simple and handy manner.

we provide vehicle covers in a wide variety of substances to satisfy the wishes of different customers and exclusive situations so your automobile continually remains included and secure. Top-quality length department enables each cowl to suit its automobile flawlessly allowing us to provide a extensive variety of sedan covers, suv covers, truck covers, van covers, sport automobile covers, and many others.

tecoom covers offer simply the proper stability of best, software, affordability, and style making them the right choice for you.


the auto covers are designed with heavy-responsibility buckles and straps that make certain the cover can arise to even robust winds without problems. Thanks to the windproof belts, it firmly stays in region with rear and front belts for delivered safety and protection towards wind.

we use a reflective urethane coating to carry you a complete size vehicle cover that offers dependable protection in opposition to water and uv rays. Water slides down as quickly because it hits the reflective polyester cowl cloth together with preventing uv rays from passing through

never worry about the rain again! We only use a hundred% water resistant fabric that offers better warmth insulation to ensure your car stays secure in any weather. Tecoom covers provide better air permeability permitting them to dry quicker making them best for each day use.

we useleather-like first-rate-density polyester cloth with double stitching and durable seams to make sure they may be long lasting enough to handle day by day use within the long and a tender fleece layer that forestalls the whole automobile cowl from scratching of your car’s finish permitting you to securely use it daily.

suits all one hundred eighty-195 inches suv like (for reference):

suits all 196-210 inches suv like (for reference):

suits all 211-220 inches enormous suv like (for reference):

size 3xxl+: fits all 201-218 inches sedan like(for reference):

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bundle consist of:

  • 1 x automobile cover
  • 1 x garage bag
  • size_name

    2L: Fit 160-172 inches Length Hatchback, 3XL: Fit 170-190 inches Length Sedan, 3XXL: Fit 191-200 inches Length Sedan, 3XXL+: Fit 201-218 inches Length Sedan, YL: Fit 180-195 inches SUV, YXL: Fit 196-210 inches SUV/Van

    7 reviews for Tecoom brilliant heavy obligation multiple layers suv cover all weather water-proof windproof reflective snow solar rain uv protecting outside with buckles and belt suit 196-210 inches suv

    1. Joe & Branigan Pan

      I love my jeep grand Cherokee. It has always been a great car, so I like to take as best care of it as I can. It is always been a car that has been garaged until recently. I’ve never had to deal with a hot car or it getting so much sun and weather exposure while parked. Now that I park outside I have noticed a difference in how I experience my car. It gets extremely hot and I don’t want the outside to wear unnecessarily. So I saw the reviews for this product and I thought I would try it out. The biggest reservation I have with a car cover is will I actually take the time to put it on? So my biggest concern was how durable this product is, and how easy it is to take it off and put it on. I also now live in a place where the winds get extremely forceful in the fall, so I wanted to make sure it was a product that could withstand intense winds. Attached is a time lapse video of me unwrapping the product and then putting it on my car for the first time. It literally only took me a few minutes to unwrap it and figure out which way it goes on, and finally putting it on with the wind resistant straps secured. The material is very heavy duty, but also very soft. I have confidence that it will not scratch my car. It was very easy to put on. Even the straps (see attached photos) were easy to secure. I’m going to keep it! I just have to be intentional and utilizing it to protect my Jeep.I’ve only had this product for 20 minutes, but my review is a five-star because my experience of the quality and ease of installation thus far.Read more

    2. Thomas H.

      Have only had the cover for a week, but it feels durable on the outside and soft on the inside. Bought the cover to protect our new RAV4 hybrid while we snow bird for 3 months in southern Florida. It keeps the morning dew, which has covered the car for the first month we have been here, and the pollen/dirt/bird droppings off the car so I don’t have to daily wipe the car down or wash it. It has rained heavily twice during the last week and the cover kept the car dry. I expect the paint and headlight plastic to be greatly preserved with the cover. We only drive the car every 2 to 4 days and I enjoy seeing the shiny clean car when I take the cover off. It takes less than 10 minutes to install the cover by myself, and less than 5 minutes to remove it.Other folks down here say they bought the same cover and have only good things to say about it.I would caution that the car be dry when the cover is installed and that the cover itself is not wet on the inside so a highly humid atmosphere is not trapped between the cover and the car.Read more

    3. RT

      Checked my car after it rained and hood, windshield, roof, and full north side of car was wet. I can’t tell if it’s leaking or condensation(?). So a week later it rained again and I checked it: wet again(!) in same areas. Rain was light and overnight only, and water on car/under cover was less than the first time which was after 3 days of rain off and on, sometimes heavy. So amount of wetness seems correlated with how much rain we got. But this is totally unacceptable. What if I hadn’t checked? What if car was at a second home? So each time I’ve had to remove the cover, and dry it out with inside facing up. During that time the car is exposed overnight bc it takes time to air out the cover inside, it’s like a giant bearskin rug. I feel like I wasted my money. I specifically bought a waterproof / weatherproof cover and this is not.Read more

    4. Ray Barnhouse

      After purchasing I put on my brand new 2020 Rav which fit perfectly BUT only after 2 days the middle strap broke. I came home from work to find the whole cover blew off. I then found out the cover is not breathable. The manufacturer gave me a $20.00 credit but I really just wanted a replacement one that is breathable. They told me they will not have one available for till the month of May. UPDATE: Teecom sent me another cover free of charge. I initially rated them 1 star because the straps broke but I can say they have good customer service and took my complaint seriously. I have changed my review since the good customer service.Read more

    5. Randy Godfrey

      I’m very happy that I purchased this Tecoom car cover. The heavy, multi-layer fabric gives the impression of durability. It fits my 1997 Audi A4 sedan perfectly with convenient elastic bands that slip under the front and rear, holding it in place, plus straps and plastic snap buckles front, rear and center. You could quickly cover the car and walk away without a care, in good weather but I would definitely recommend attaching the straps if high winds were expected. The plastic clips make it easy to release the straps without too much trouble. The rip-stop fabric and outer reflective coating with quality double stitching looks like it could handle whatever weather is thrown at it. I’ve had my car covered for the last two weeks and during that time there was some windy and stormy weather. The cover held firmly and didn’t leak. I removed the cover yesterday and found that my car looked just like it did before I’d covered it freshly washed and clean. The inside layer that is in contact with the car is a soft white material, so no worries about paint scratches. The cover comes in a cool storage bag made of the same heavy material with drawstring and toggle. A class act!I highly recommend this!Read more

    6. Heron

      The cover is really high quality ….. that’s for sure. Very sturdy thick material. The only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars was because it didn’t fit my car. I did contact the sellers and they were amazing. They really did everything they could to get me a replacement but in the end i settled for a refund. Excellent cover, not the right size and wonderful customer service ….. i can’t complain.Read more

    7. AH

      It passed the test! Yesterday there was high wind gust due to tornado activity in the area and the cover is still intact. No rips or drips. And it covered a 2000 Lexus RX300.Read more

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