Tecoom hard shell breathable cloth door shape zipper design water resistant uv-evidence windproof car cowl for all weather indoor outdoor in shape 196-210 inches suv/van

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  • #improve material. Product of an improve excessive-density polyester 300d, lighter yet more impregnable, maximum tensile strength up to twenty mpa.
  • #improve textile generation. The fabric of fabric is water-resistant and heat insulation, yet air permeable and speedy drying.
  • #new easy get entry to design. Zipper design, provide a extra openness for clean get admission to and convenient.
  • #wind-proof design. Elasticized hem and fixed buckles help cover against to sturdy wind, windproof belts marked with rear or the front for smooth distinguishing.
  • #complete-range reflective stripes design. Complete-variety reflective stripes look clever and greater noticeable within the darkish.
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approximately tecoom

at tecoom, we’ve been production automobile covers seeing that 1994 to carry you protection on your vehicle that’s each practical and practical. Absolutely everyone knows that publicity to the solar and elements can damage your automobile right away that is why we combine cautiously selected substances with a weatherproof design to deliver you a water-resistant, weatherproof and scratch-resistant automobile cover.

tecoom vehicle covers are designed to offer reliable 12 months-spherical safety on your car. Whether it’s the recent rays of the sun, snow in the center of wintry weather or rain, our car covers will make certain your automobile stays safe the easy and handy manner.

we offer vehicle covers in a huge form of materials to satisfy the wishes of various purchasers and one of a kind situations so your automobile always stays included and safe. Top-quality size division permits every cover to in shape its automobile flawlessly allowing us to provide a huge variety of sedan covers, suv covers, truck covers, van covers, sport automobile covers, and so forth.

tecoom covers provide just the right balance of best, application, affordability, and style making them the right preference for you.


the car covers are designed with heavy-responsibility buckles and straps that ensure the duvet can rise up to even sturdy winds conveniently. Thanks to the windproof belts, it firmly remains in location with rear and the front belts for brought safety and safety towards wind.

in contrast to other car covers that lock your automobile interior, tecoom covers permit you to effortlessly get right of entry to your automobile every time you want. Way to the door zipper layout, you could effortlessly get entry to your vehicle by using unzipping the zipper and beginning the door. It’s truly that easy.

by no means fear approximately the rain once more! We most effective use a hundred% water resistant cloth that offers better warmth insulation to make certain your car stays secure in any weather. Tecoom covers offer better air permeability permitting them to dry faster making them best for each day use.

we use high-density polyester fabric with double sewing and durable seams to ensure they are long lasting enough to handle daily use within the lengthy. The long lasting cloth gives just the right safety to prevent any damage to the paint and protects against scratches.

suits all 180-195 inches suv like (for reference):

suits all 196-210 inches suv like (for reference):

suits all 211-220 inches sizeable suv like (for reference):

length 3xxl+: suits all 201-218 inches sedan like(for reference):

more details

package include:

  • 1 x automobile cowl
  • 1 x mixture lock
  • 1 x storage bag
  • size_name

    2L: Fit 160-172 Inches Length Hatchback, 3XL: Fit 170-190 Inches Length Sedan, 3XXL: Fit 191-200 Inches Length Sedan, 3XXL+: Fit 201-218 Inches Length Sedan, CL: Fit 170-180 Inches Length Sport Car, YL: Fit 180-195 Inches SUV, YXL: Fit 196-210 Inches SUV, TM: Fit Full Size Truck Length Up to 212 Inches, PM: Fit Pickup Length Up to 215 Inches, YXXL+: Fit 221-236 Inches SUV/Van, PL: Fit Long Bed Pickup Length Up to 226 Inches, TL: Fit Full Size Truck Length Up to 233 Inches, TXL: Fit Full Size Truck Length Up to 245 Inches, TXXL: Fit Full Size Truck Length Up to 252 Inches

    7 reviews for Tecoom hard shell breathable cloth door shape zipper design water resistant uv-evidence windproof car cowl for all weather indoor outdoor in shape 196-210 inches suv/van

    1. Village Idiot

      This cover provides a good snug fit on our 2017 Rav4. The elastic around the bottom is mostly responsible for keeping the cover tight. The clips on the front and rear straps have held up fine, but the stitching that holds the strap to the cover material has started to rip out on one of the straps (this is a common complaint in the reviews I read before buying). In Western NY, we garage the car in the winter, but leave it out in the summer. This cover has kept the car cooler in the sun, and keeps the bird poop off. After a month of use, it is waterproof and rain pools in between the roof rack rails crossbars, so you have to dump that out carefully when removing it. It does get moist under the pool of water, I think because they describe it as “breathable”. But the car has stayed dry in general everywhere else under the cover. It has stayed put on the car during several thunderstorms and gusts up to 60 mph. Good quality for what I paid – it’s not going to last forever but seems like we should get some good years out of it.Read more

    2. eastmared

      This Tecoom cover did not fit well on my 2021 Honda Odyssey. The cover’s side pockets designed to accommodate the vehicle side view mirrors are not properly located on the cover. I tried placing the cover over the mirrors in the normal extended position; as well as in the folded position. The mirror pockets are located too high up on the cover sides; making it necessary to exert a lot of downward pressure on the cover to engage the pocket over the mirror. The applied cover is obviously stretched taught from the roof to the mirrors. I don’t expect it to last long before it begins to rip at those stress points. I had a good t experience with a previous Tecoom cover for my 2006 Odyssey The durability and functional design of the new cover seems just as good as the old one. Unfortunately the fit is not not satisfactory.Read more

    3. C. Hill

      We live in Missouri where severe thunderstorms with “large hail and damaging winds” are common in the spring and summer. I got this for a 2019 Honda CR-V (which the site said it fit and now says it doesn’t). It fit perfectly. I was using it as part of hail protection on a car that sits outside. I had my chance to use it last night with a severe thumderstorm approaching. First, I had an inexpensive ‘egg crate’ mattress pad and put it over the car’s hood, windshield and top. Then I covered the car with the cover. The material is lightweight but sturdy, and it’s fitted around the bumpers so I didn’t use the straps. Around 2 am the weather alert went off and we were hit with 60 mph winds. I looked outside and the cover had come off the back bumper just a bit so I ran out and fastened the straps. It held just fine through the storm! The mattress pad was dry even after the heavy rain. (Luckily, we didn’t have any hail.) I am very pleased with this cover and would recommend it.Read more

    4. Rob from Maryland

      Update:I am updating my product review. The company contacted me and sent a replacement cover. The new cover fits very well and does not have a damaged zipper. We had several thunderstorms this week and the cover kept my vehicle dry and clean. My primary vehicle is parked near a tree and gets a lot of dirt on it so this will reduce the amount of vehicle washes. The cover is well designed with reflective strips and is made with non abrasive material. I am very satisfied now and plan to buy another cover for my truck Tired of washing vehicles!The website site said it would fit my 2014 Subaru Outback. POS! Zipper broke trying to install.Read more

    5. fc

      I never had a cover for my vehicles before. This is a lease and I have an assigned parking spot that is under a tree and I was concerned that tree sap would ruin the paint along with leaves, bird droppings, etc. I had my car detailed and it looked brand new and wanted to keep it that way. I began to research car covers for this 2018 Honda Accord. I was looking for one that was water resistant and easy to put on and take off. I can’t speak to the water resistance since I live in So. Cal & we haven’t had any rain yet. The cover is easy to put on and remove, and it looks good too! It fits perfectly and the straps are easy to use. I would definitely recommend.Read more

    6. peter negron

      Purchased car cover and fits well enough. Washed car and covered it and it was very dusty. When I uncovered it my car it was still clean as when I first covered it.Read more

    7. Tippy D

      I’m skeptical to order on line but this car cover is The Best!I took my car to wash on Sunday and the cover kept my car clean and shine till the following Sunday. I normally wash my car once a week but with this cover I don’t have to wash again till it’s time.My previous cover was from MBZ C300 directly but this one fit my car perfectly. It came with 2 secure straps front and rear as well as center wire with key lock. I just love it and recommend to anyone.Read more

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