Tecoom hd notable breathable waterproof windproof snow sun rain uv shielding outdoor all climate suv cover suit 196-210 inches suv

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  • make sure this fits by means of coming into your model range.
  • 3 layer shape safety: the breathable vehicle cowl is made using a three-layer creation to provide better safety, preserve out the warmth, and help your vehicle live cool. With a combination of breathable non-woven material, a water resistant pe movie, and defensive fleece cloth, our car cowl protects your car from the elements while retaining your cars touchy end safe.
  • water & weatherproof: whether or not its rain, snow, or a dirt hurricane, you in no way need to worry about your vehicle getting grimy with tecoom 3-layer automobile covers. Thanks to the water-resistant materials which coupled with the breathability of the fabric, tecoom car covers save you water from seeping thru to make certain your vehicle remains dry even after it rains.
  • preserve your automobile cool: the final component you need is to take a seat in a automobile that¡¯s been heating up in the summer sun. Our automobile covers are made to maintain a groovy temperature internal your car even for the duration of the summer time to beautify your consolation and amusement while travelling in the heat thanks to the breathability of the fabric.
  • windproof layout: we use a windproof layout that allows you to use this water resistant vehicle cowl even within the windiest conditions. It¡¯s designed with an elasticized hem, fixed buckles and springs with windproof straps on each the front and back. They are effortlessly distinguishable and may easily be indifferent or replaced.
  • the entirety you want: this rain and snow vehicle cowl comes with everything you need to preserve your car secure inclusive of combination lock, cable, and antenna patch ensure you can use it easily whether or not at domestic or on the pass at the same time as maintaining your safety and protection.
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approximately tecoom

at tecoom, we’ve been manufacturing car covers seeing that 1994 to deliver you protection for your automobile that’s each sensible and useful. Every body knows that exposure to the solar and elements can damage your automobile very quickly that is why we integrate cautiously selected substances with a weatherproof layout to bring you a water-resistant, weatherproof and scratch-resistant automobile cowl.

tecoom car covers are designed to provide reliable year-round safety for your vehicle. Whether or not it be the recent rays of the sun, snow inside the middle of wintry weather or rain, our vehicle covers will ensure your automobile remains secure the simple and convenient manner.

we provide car covers in a huge kind of materials to fulfill the desires of various customers and distinctive situations so your automobile continually remains included and safe. Most desirable size division allows each cowl to suit its car flawlessly allowing us to offer a extensive variety of sedan covers, suv covers, truck covers, van covers, sport vehicle covers, and many others.

tecoom covers provide simply the proper stability of excellent, software, affordability, and fashion making them the right choice for you.


the breathable vehicle cover is made using a 3-layer production to offer higher safety, keep out the heat, and help your car live cool. With a mixture of breathable non-woven fabric, a water-proof pe movie, and protecting fleece cloth, our vehicle cowl protects your car from the elements while maintaining your automobiles touchy finish secure.

we use a windproof design that permits you to use this water-proof car cowl even inside the windiest conditions. It’s designed with an elasticized hem, constant buckles and comes with windproof straps on each the front and back. They may be easily distinguishable and might easily be indifferent or replaced.

our bendy and thick automobile covers are made the usage of best thick non-woven fabric to make certain they may be durable sufficient to address daily use. It’s resistant to ripping while defensive your car towards the factors.

we use excessive-density non-woven fabric with double stitching and sturdy seams to ensure they’re durable sufficient to deal with daily use in the lengthy. The indoors fleece gives simply the proper safety to save you any damage to the paint and protects in opposition to scratches.

fits all one hundred eighty-195 inches suv like (for reference):

suits all 196-210 inches suv like (for reference):

fits all 211-220 inches sizeable suv like (for reference):

size 3xxl+: fits all 201-218 inches sedan like(for reference):

extra information

bundle encompass:

  • 1 x car cowl
  • 1 x mixture lock
  • 1 x storage bag
  • 1 x antenna patch
  • size_name

    2L: Fit 160-172 inches Length Hatchback, 3XL: Fit 170-190 inches Length Sedan, 3XXL: Fit 191-200 inches Length Sedan, 3XXL+: Fit 201-218 inches Length Sedan, CL: Fit 170-180 inches Length Sport Car, YL: Fit 180-195 inches SUV, YXL: Fit 196-210 inches SUV, YXXL: Fit 211-220 inches SUV, TM: Fit Full Size Truck Length Up to 212 Inches, PM: Fit Pickup Length Up to 215", PL: Fit Long Bed Pickup Length Up to 226 Inches, TL: Fit Full Size Truck Length Up to 233", TXL: Fit Full Size Truck Length Up to 245 Inches, TXXL: Fit Full Size Truck Length Up to 252 Inches

    8 reviews for Tecoom hd notable breathable waterproof windproof snow sun rain uv shielding outdoor all climate suv cover suit 196-210 inches suv

    1. Micky

      I will open up this review by first stating the negative. This is NOT waterproof. I had just barely received this and I covered my 94 Mustang GT with it. Soon afterwards, it rained as it normally does during season here. After the storm had passed, I took the cover off and the entire car was soaked. The statement for this cover by the company says that it is waterproof but it is not. Now on to the positive. Other than what was previously stated, this is a great cover. Fitment was as advertised and it will protect my classic car from the damaging Sun. This is something that I truly need here in the Sunshine State. I also love how you can strap the cover down and also secure it with the lock that is supplied with this cover. Overall, this cover is a great investment to protect a vehicle that you value. The only negative I can find is what was previously mentioned. I would indeed recommend this item. Read more

    2. Robert Boone

      This cover fits my 2019 Toyota Camry like it was custom made for it. I did a lot of research before choosing this cover and I think it is amazing quality for under $100. I learned from researching that there is a trade off between “water repellent” and “breathability” and that over time, moisture trapped under a “water repellent” cover can cause the paint to lose its shine and become cloudy. After a big storm I found some moisture got through the cover but I rest easily knowing that the cover allows moisture to evaporate instead of remaining trapped on my car’s paint. This cover has so many pluses that one normally finds only on the $200-500 covers: – the fitting is so good over the mirrors and car body that I don’t worry about the cover moving/sliding around on the car from wind or other motion causing trapped debris to scratch the pain – the fabric that touches the car is very soft – protects from ultra-violet rays – reflective material is sewn into the fabric at the mirrors (I may enhance this with reflective tape and front and rear corners also) – strong elastic to make the cover snug over the front and back with straps to secure it – grommets for the lame cable and lock that are included (they are sufficient to discourage someone with conscious from stealing the cover but if I was concerned about it being stolen I would replace the cable and lock with something stronger – the material seems to be of a good quality that will hold up well over time. – the double-stitched seams and overall construction are of good quality and very neat. It looks like someone took some genuine pride in making this cover well. A rare thing these days, especially in competitively priced merchandise. – it comes with a zippered bag. The one feature I was hoping for that it does not have is zippered access to the drivers door, but afterthought reminded me that a zippered door would almost certainly compromise the cover’s water repellence. My car is parked on a street and I think the cover (without zippered door) is discouraging for someone considering a break-in. I edited my original review to change from 4 stars to 5 stars and I added this comment. I had given it 4 stars because it is probably not as good as the $400-500 covers but I revised it to 5 stars because of value: it is probably a $200 value for about $75. Read more

    3. Frank T. Johnson

      I will come back and update this but as for now it cover great, fits and not too big. Straps work perfectly, the cable works jus fine. The reason I’ll come back to update is because it’s not rainy season so when it gets a day a rain an not sprinkles I’ll be able to tell if its water proof. The price was fair and for the things that came with it are great accents to this product. Read more

    4. William J Dowd

      The cover fit fine and attached well with the straps. The material under the cover is soft to protect the car finish. The 3rd day I used it outdoors, we had a thunderstorm and when I took the cover off afterwards, the car was soaked. Since I am using a cover for outdoor use, I will be ordering a different cover. Read more

    5. Barbara J.

      Very easy to put on and a perfect fit for a 2016 Chevy Malibu. I like that the tires are 3/4 covered to keep out the sunlight. I’ll see how it does when I come back to the sunshine State, how weathers the storms. I believe it will protect the red paint and the underside is very soft. Read more

    6. Mort

      The product is not as described. I find nothing in the description that indicates this cover does not have mirror pockets. The seller offered up lame excuses and a product description, not on the Amazon site, indicating that sports cars come in different sizes so they don’t do mirror pockets for that size. The only thing that worked well is Amazon’s return policy. If you don’t mind receiving a product that doesn’t match the description then this is the cover for you! Read more

    7. Bear E

      My 1950 Pontiac is 200 inches long so I ordered the cover that fits up to 220 inches and it is too small. I had a difficult time trying to cover my car and had to stretch cover way too tight and had to cut a big gaping hole to get it to fit over the antenna. The car cover specifications are not accurate. Read more

    8. Tim

      Great cover just don’t fit a 169 inch car even when entering vehicle specifications getting the it fits checkmark. Won’t clear the ground effects on my stock 1988 5.0 gt. The lining is top notch the thickness is great. The straps are well made for pinch straps labeled front and rear…. the option for an antenna hole is the best part, no factory hole just unscrew your antenna and prefect protection Read more

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